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Rick Johnes says:

ugliest piece of sh.t

Erik Nyberg says:

Looks like a crashed Audi A2

Autogefühl says:

Beautiful car-to-car shots you got there! We’ve also driven the BMW i3 now
and we must say – it’s really something completely different.

Sebastian Balos says:

I bet you those tires are a dime a dozen and available at every local tire
shop… (Sarcasm)

nanochase says:

Now if nissan sold the Leaf with a diesel generator
for 3000 extra that would be a great option
Unfortunately, that would make too much sense :(

SilentGM says:

Inside of that car looks better than outside.Feels like they tried to
compress BMW i8 to hatchback type car and now when they’re done with that –
tries to sell it. 

tigerfanman says:

they made a huge mistake by making it a 4 seater.. why the hell would
anyone do that? just add in the 5th!

Mohammed Reshi says:

Review the new C-Class!! Please!

Exotic98 says:

please review BMW I8

Rahul Pandey says:

look at those wheels , this car looks like a hedious looking bodybuilder
with skinny legs and a confused side profile .

crephotos says:

The “gear selector” is a “cool rocker switch”.
Save the manuals

G0ML3 says:

Don’t think I would like to go out driving on a stormy Norwegian winter
night with wheels that skinny, but the performance really surprises me. I
also think this is one of those cars you’ll drive around feeling really
self-conscious about.

anythingyouwant29 says:

Surely they cant charge more than 8k for this ugly bicycle on 4 wheel

Sivene Lolwana says:

Very cool +BMW 

motoryanusa says:

If Nissan Leaf gets a range extender version, I’d probably buy one.

sebastian mendoza says:

review the tesla model s!

Tom Jacobs says:

Look how narrow the wheels are :D

Christos Meitanis says:

when will you test drive Tesla model S???

Ryebanana says:

Why can’t they design a NORMAL looking electric? Not everyone wants the
world to know that they’re driving an electric.

Owl Designs says:

I Love This!

Alexander Baliko says:

I find i3 nice looking, but coming from a guy who also finds first A2 cute
is not much of an praise :)

Joseph Evans says:

Looks awful

senza sinn says:

…looks like a frog with bloating :(

aaaaaaaaaaaa808 says:

Its like driving a box filled with ikea furniture and sony tv…

1seipai says:

Can you get the dashboard in chocolate brownie colour? I3, what a load of
s***! If that’s the future you can keep it and f*** climate change! 

hornbytrainsets says:

Not a huge fan of electric cars, I would miss petrol so much :P the one
thing i hate is it’s as if there’s a legal requirement for them to be ugly.
Is it really that hard to i dunno, make an electric 3-series!? Tesla did

Karl ace says:

I have bigger tyres on my bike.
And i think it only got 4Stars in the crash test not good for a BMW

Ebenezer G. says:


Ian Townsend says:

I’m not really a fan of Electric cars, but I like the i3. If I had to buy
an electric car this is where my money would go 

VIDEO 8 says:

how is nissan not a desirable bage, nissan are great cars. 

eddox94 says:

Why do all electric cars have to look like shit? (Except for the Tesla
model S) I mean, is it like a basic requirement to be electric?

sirprincy says:

First impressions… It’s ugly.

Chris C says:

LOL at the clueless people commenting on the tires. They are SUPPOSED to be
that way! They’re called low rolling resistance tires and they are there
for a purpose on cars like the i3…fuel economy, aerodynamics and
efficiency. Not only that, but it makes the car more responsive as an
ancillary benefit.
All of the reviews for this car have been very good. This car is truly
visionary, and whether you like the looks or not, you cannot deny the
engineering and technology that you get in this car. You get a carbon fiber
tub/chassis in a car that costs a little over 40k. You don’t see that in
pedestrian cars. And as BMW says, all the lightweight technology from the i
cars is slowly being incorporated to their more traditional cars, which is
very exciting. The new M3/M4 has a carbon fiber driveshaft, roof, roof bow,
trunk, front strut brace, aluminum hood and front fenders, forged aluminu
suspension, composite built into the front and rear seats, and a host of
other lightweight plastics, metals, and carbon composites. So the future
seems very exciting, not only for the i brand, but also their more
traditional cars.

Lucas silva vieira says:

“Piece of Ikea furniture”…. hahahahhaaha

Nicky Nugroho says:

A futuristic shit

warren6815 says:

Why is it that when a car manufacturer tries to make a car look futuristic
they actually look dated right away

Marcus Aurelius says:

It is a town car not a sports car, thats why it has skinny tires. The
batteries are expensive, they need minerals that are hard to extract. I
believe that electric motors are the future, much much better than the
dirty combustion engines. If they come with batteries that recharge in an
hour and they last 1000 km, bye bye gas or diesel, but they are not
interested yet in making them, oil drives our economy the more we burn the
more money.

Yu Ning says:

80 miles on a full charge?……. thx but no! No doubt at all, electric
cars are the trend, and one day they will definitely replace petrol cars,
sadly those electric cars built today have technical bottle neck that
causes them very unpractical and unusable. Expensive price, frequent need
for charging battery, very low traveling range….. I will not seriously
think of getting one till an electric car can get its battery fully charged
under 5 hrs, can travel over 700~800 kms on one go.

raymond houston says:

She’s pretty tho

Piotr Podgórski says:

That’s exactly what most car makers fail to understand, and what only Tesla
seems to have managed to grasp. If you want to make an electric car that
people will actually buy, it must look and feel like a normal car, just
better. It can’t look like a new-age sci-fi Japanese garden Bauhaus
design… A mix between an iPod and a slightly brighter version of Blade

And while I like the fact that they actually use the petrol engine the way
it should have been used in hybrids ever since their very inception, the 80
miles range on the electric-only version is a joke, given what Tesla makes
with the Model S.

Sorry, BMW, but… Can’t you just learn from the guys who’ve, pretty much,
nailed it instead of going down the very same road that’s failed over and
over again for everyone who strode it?

j88325is says:

Why BMW why!!!!!!!!!

Witt Tayatan says:

I love the car, but the price!!!

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