BMW i3 – is this the world’s most desirable affordable electric car?

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There may be disquiet about its gentle rate of climb, but the electric car has, at last, taken off. The BMW i3 is leading the charge. Could it really be better in the real world than the Tesla…


MrEnergyCzar says:

I’ll stick with my Volt….thanks

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

Not cheap but definitely the future but to be honest I’d spend my £28k on a
second hand GTR and use my bike on the days when I want to save the planet.

Jose Díaz says:

I don’t like it either, but it could be good that rear doors don’t open
independently, because once in a blue moon it does happen that a back seat
passenger doesn’t properly close the rear door… and driver might forget
to check, because he never really uses them.

Alfred Munkenbeck says:

Its not worth looking at until tesla launches their rival in a few years
time which they said they’re going to do. I think the tesla is going to be
much better and we’ll all forget about the i3. Tesla already has a
reputation of making other cars look prehistoric, so I think thank god we
have tesla, because otherwise us car folk would remain unconviced by this
rubbish, and the electric car would never catch on

Sinky says:

No, hydrogen powered cars are the way to go and I don’t understand why
manufacturers are ignoring it!

rockinchimp says:

Why do most electric vehicles always try to look ‘futuristic’, why can’t it
just look like a current style car? 

TheAegisClaw says:

If only they could’ve made it a bit better looking, if they had got the
looks right everybody would want one.

Andrei Be says:

Its an electric vehicle, they are going into the smart car and so on
market, but for people with more money. Tesla is a sporty ev and its done
very nice, this is a different car. Not very fair to compare these two. I
wouldn’t own one, but its not that bad. Theres alot of bad choices, but
thats for other people to buy. Its nice to see cars like this, they also
save the planet. Not the worst. 

lambosuperl says:

+Autocar The i3 doesn’t have scissor doors.. It’s got suicide doors, like
on a Rolls. Just sayin’ :P

Skyler91 says:

I wouldn’t define i3 as “affordable” … more than 30k £ for 80-100 km of
range… WTF!!!!!

000Haze says:

Am I the only one that kinda likes the way this thing looks?

Epicnerd73 says:

More people need to get electric cars! We need to get out of petrol and
gasoline as quickly as possible. Fossil fuels will not last forever and we
a re damaging the earth and the price will come if we don’t change!

bluesky says:

It’s amazing how BMW can claim this car is a game changer or the first
premium electric car! For years the Chevrolet Volt has been doing this with
a proper 4 door sedan, and Fisker did this with the Karma (which is
improving), and the Tesla did this sooooo well with the Model S, Toyota
with the plug in Prius, Honda… Easy on the useless marketing BMW… easy

stephane matis says:

Seeing the i3 hooning around and doing it well enough is excellent. Lovely.
quirky, modern take on “car”.

greenrolaids says:

$41,000 for a fugly car.

Justin H says:

Just read an article last week saying BMW dealerships here in the U.S are
having a hard time selling these.

Jamie Bridges says:

Perhaps not. But many people commute more than 50 miles a day. This is why
electric cars can’t work.

Diu Nei says:

Nissan Leaf much better value

stoppsi says:

I dont understand all the hate. The car is a game changer. Just in case you
fatties hadn’t realised, its 1195kg with 170bhp, that isn’t bad. As
automotive development goes, its a masterpiece of engineering. Now, wheres
my e46 M3 gone?

dlwatib says:

“BMW i3 – is this the world’s most desirable affordable electric car?” Uh,

Horribly ugly! And it’s just a hybrid that you have to pay extra for to get
the engine. Surprisingly, even with the gasoline engine added you STILL end
up with only 160 miles of range, if you drive very, very carefully!

Andrew M says:

ugly like a fucking bulldog 

Andrew du Toit says:

After the disappointment of the ‘HYBRID’ i8, This is the ugliest car I have
ever seen. OK bar the Leaf. But Come on BMW. You could have done better
than Tesla. I mean you must have a hell of a lot more money than Tesla. And
this is what you bring to the foreground. BMW already lost my respect
because what it costs to maintain and service one. 3 Off my friends have
sold theirs for that exact reason

Connor M. says:

Excited for you guys to review the i8!!!

Jonny S says:

“How often do you do 160 miles?” Answer: quite often that plus more and I’m
sure that’s true for a majority of the target market of which this car is
aimed. Bring and EV with a range of 300+ miles (with use of ancillaries)
and a more livable recharge time of, say, around 10 minutes or less then
you’ll have a winner on your hands.

Seb Lakefield says:

Would like to see what happens when you put the front tires in the back and
the wider rears in the front. Fun times?

jamesgjt says:

the tires are skinny!!! so cute.. is like a horse wagon….lol

Rytis36 says:

probably the only thing I hate about this car is that if you buy one people
will assume you are show off and maybe even snob, I blame weird styling
for that
. Plus bear in mind that EV depreciate faster than any type of car

William Seroyer says:

This car has the worlds strangest tires 175/55 20.

udip21 says:

Aren’t those suicide doors and not scissor doors?

Chrstian mrclep says:

Is it RWD or FWD??

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