BMW i3 Production – Part 3

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Watch the BMW i3 being built from start to finish. Part 3: body pressing, assembly, and painting.


Thegreyraccoon says:

i think BMW must really believe this car is worth it, imagine the Cost of
the machines , the Cost to programm them. and running cost of the factory
and parts. but then again it’s still cheaper then using human beings…

Wes Harriger says:


uvindu abeysinghe says:
hellgatemaker says:

A fine piece of German Engineering.

許賀 says:

BMW i3 Production – Part 3:

Bobby Amoroso says:

BMW i3 Production – Part 3

sc0tte1 says:

Do these robots get fair break times and benefits? What about sick days?

Whatif Idontwanto says:

Absolutelyl, some comments would help
or even subtitles telling what is going on!

fiddlesteven says:

Kind of sad, no people. A little too impersonal. If people don’t have
anything but service jobs, who will have the resources to buy these cars? A
few people on Wall street? What will the CEOs of this company do with the
money saved not employing people? buy the Government? Then what? You need
to think about where this is going BMW. What are people for? Not that
automation is bad, But how will the average person earn enough to own an
i3. We need to get off the gas track and go EV. Life is more than the
bottom line. The market approach is a dead end for the planet. I’m glad BMW
is making these EVs. Where is the money going to come from to buy them with
no good paying jobs. 

Ruben A says:

At 12:40 What are they doing, is that fire? this parts are made of carbon
fiber, or are made of plastic PP? these parts came out from a big press (
9:02), that press works with carbon fiber?

mumu jaw says:

Where a manufacturer of robots

Rudolph Brothers & Co says:

Watch this video on the production of the new BMW i3. All carbon fiber
body-in-white made with our adhesives!

Mario Rossi says:


mazak says:


Stef Esselens says:

Germans… Nobody does it better…

Cristobal Fernandez-Labbe says:

simply amazing. process is completely different than a steel bodied car.

Михаил Иванович says:


José Manuel Pascual Fito says:
TestDriven says:

BMW i3 Production – Part 3

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