BMW i3 review

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Website: website: Jamie Hoang reviews BMW’s all new i3.


josh786manchester says:

£33k for a car made by plants lol

Sheena Brown says:

is the all wheel drive?

josh786manchester says:

Wa wen wong


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josh786manchester says:

The cars too big for u

Kyaw Kyaw says:

I do not like this car only like JAMIE HOANG 

Flarare Weet says:

The way you speak is VERY different to the way you usually talk, in fact it
seems like you’re impersonating an accent – I demand to see the bloopers!

Walter Raleigh says:

nice car, pretty girl

BBCNeverLies says:

good review , thanks 

Радослав Стоянов says:

fu*k the new cars i like the old e30,e36 with manual transmision and i like
Jamie Hoang

Zhen Wang says:

nice video, u have that cute British accent ;)

Rudi Lepcha says:

Wow .. You have a beautiful car and the review was great … Keep it up

Tropicocity says:

Do you own this car? :O

SecurityPro2704 says:

You can barely see over the steering wheel, you need to adjust the seat pan
up. I don’t see why everyone is going Gaga over the BMW styling. I love
BMW’s and have driven many of them, but the minimalistic dash BMW big fail
on that one.

eric50475 says:

Good review :) You’re so pretty

Think BIG, Build Small says:

Love this car! :)

jewellui says:

BBC? Accent is quite Chinese 

Huy Hoang says:

You are so cute.

Antjack55 says:

Nicely done Jamie! 

tiantin1000 says:

Very nice car, i realised the steering is on the right, are you not living
in us?

Climb LikeAGoat says:

Nicely done on the commentary and an awesome car! Thanks.

Joce Telfort says:

BMW. Is the first car of the wold

Oke Jibromah says:

Beautiful car, beautiful girl :3

Eric F says:

I can be certain that the car’d be mine once I visit my dealer and put down
the deposit (I’m third on the wait-list!) but the reviewer may be priceless

Tyrone Jordan says:

you are cuteeeeeeee

大山泰弘 says:


C Jayy says:



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