BMW i3 Review

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In our first ever review of a car on Ireland’s Technology Blog we decided we would check out the new BMW i3 *Note: it was quite a windy day so audio is not t…


Ireland's Technology Blog says:

+wevenhuis Thanks…unfortunately it was very windy on that hill, if you
turn your volume way up you should still be able to hear but we are working
on better cameras and microphones for our next

billysielu says:

can’t hear you

Dave Zykerman says:

I could not hear you. Wear a mike.

Gavin Shepherd says:

Gotta say that is one cool little car, one thing I have noticed is that
many car companies making hybrids or full electric has the same electric
blue theme in each of their cars, I do suppose it looks better than
enviromental green lol.

James Leddin says:

Use audacity to edit your audio it will take away all the wind

wevenhuis says:

nice video. A pity I could not understand a word of the first and last

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