BMW i3 Review: a little car with a lot of character

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Close – Read the article here. The BMW i3 is an intriguing little car. It’s quirky looking and certainly not your usual…


Tom Macgillivray says:

I see why the car exists but I just don’t think BMW’s are meant to be
considered “cute”

L Dwight says:

Maybe by the amount of comments about the reviewer…she should go work
somewhere selling ice cream. How about learning how the car works before
giving false information. Your words…”the petrol motor will help you out
when the charge drops below 18% or your feeling the need for speed”
Absolute rubbish!!! Sick of so called car experts all over the world that
have no idea what they are reviewing. This is a range extender…not a
conventional hybrid…. prius etc. The motor on the i3 like the Chev Volt
is a generator. Thats it. It charges the batteries only not as the review
says….gives more speed. Rant over.

hawkesworth1712 says:

“I’m finding it hard to get comfortable but I’ll work it out.”
If you had the chance to do the review again would you use that same line,
or take the time to find out before you start filming.

Silvis Samitis says:

What is the charging infrastructure in Brisbane and surrounding areas? Are
there any quick chargers that can charge your car in 30 min? 

The40yearoldgamer says:

cool little city run about for sure

Eugene Tan says:

Please take care. Ur arms are burnt!

MrFuture798 says:

Who give a shit about the car when the girl is damn cute.. 

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