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Binyamin the Basketweaver says:

I don’t know much about british accents but the host’s sounds very much
like Tiff Needell’s.

S32-720 says:

I’ve seen this on the road for real twice. And shouldn’t it be a concept
version of the M3, i3 and M3?

Gdwolf50 says:

Next time you go on your daily drive, to work, errands and so on check and
see how many miles you actually drive. The range is fine, with a range
extender even better. This isn’t for 500 mile road trips, but it is a
perfectly acceptable daily driver for 95% of us.

Zephyr López Cervilla says:

The best thing about this car is its carbon fiber-reinforced plastic
The price is excessive, its range, too short.
Perhaps they should think of making a hydrogen-fueled fuel cell option for
this model. It’d be significantly lighter and with much more extended

SilverWave says:

Why so electric cars always look so strange? I like the BMW Active E more,
because it looks like a normal BMW! :)

whiteandnerdytuba says:

“large screens” is a bit like saying it has round wheels. size does matter.
this still remains the only car i know that wont drive with gas in the tank
(motorcycle engine can not power vehicle.) tragic oversight. i am sick of
these “its just a city car” excuse for the downfalls of a vehicle, all cars
are city cars, even something as big as an s class or a pickup. they both
work in a city. if it was a true bmw it would not need a new brand

Tim Leuther says:

1:23 It has a B-Pillar, you just had it in your hand.

tigerfanman says:

i got a question, so when you run out of power and gas.. and fill up.. does
that mean you get another 180 mile range or do you only get 60miles?

Matian Kadolli says:

I want one

boeingairbusguy says:

am i the only one who thinks this car is damn ugly?

gmax876 says:

I get that electric cars are awesome for not using Gas and everything, but
why oh why do they have to look ridiculously ugly? Tesla makes a good
looking electric car, BMW is a sporty company its like they went out of
their way to make it look awkwardly ugly..

Paris Malaspinas says:

am i the only one who thinks that this car looks absolutely great?

MrJascol says:

The only way electric cars are going to take of is if there were types of
garages which charge batteries to sell, so almost like a petrol/gas station
you would go in when the battery is low to replace the battery for charged
one, while they recharge the one you replaced for somebody else.

You could have plug in points too which would work for short distance
driving, but there definitely needs to be a type of garage where you can
get replacement batteries for long distance journeys so you wouldn’t have
to completely stop to charge it for hours.

mehrshadvr4 says:

Not a bad price for a cf car.

6041321as says:

This is the best move from BMW. They made a great futuristic car,also
electric (future of all cars),and it’s the best for tow low cost ride. BMW
must think about normal drivers,woman drivers who also love BMW,and those
people dont whant expensive petrol burning speed monster. But I whant. :)))
Great car,and I think it would win the world in small electric town cars

Thomas Horst says:

i3 not bad, but Opel AMPERA!!! ;-)

James Jevons says:

Electric cars a shit and will never work :)

Ricardo Candeias says:

ugly as hell

Luis Jerez says:

i love BMW but then tesla came and all changed…

m power says:

You guys have to acept this is a future car this is what cars would look
after many years ! Its not a sports car or long distance car its more a
city car dont like the desgin but what cant say 

rubenve79 says:

BMW technology and handling, but as others said already too bad it has to
be so damn ugly. It looks like a regular BMW’s retarded brother.

Rodolfo Navarrete says:

I’d love to own this car, although the idea of charging an electric motor
is still very, very exclusive. We’d do so much right to the world if we
really stopped using so much petrol. But driving it should feel so nice and
What about AC use and something like connecting an iPod? Does it weigh too
much on the batteries?

Decididor says:

I thought that the extended range would be a bigger battery, and I was like
“Wow! better that Tesla” but no.

Trevor Page says:

I’m waiting for Tesla’s Gen 3 vehicle due in 3 years. *that* will be the EV
that everyone will want.

Celau Cosmin says:

Ugliest bmw ever made!

Alexandre Fernandes says:

Why they do this cars always ugly?!
Is to have no success and then put the blame on the electric?!

Mehul Kamdar says:

I just might buy one after I move from Chicago.

Matthieu Coffinieres says:

Nice car even if I think that this design is a bit too much “modern” and I
can’t really find the image of BMW in this new i3

Nichen says:

Electric cars are a hit and always work :)

BMWnMustang says:

Braman BMW in West Palm Beach are allowing test drives of the i3 tomorrow
so I’m dragging my candy @$$ from Miami to check them out.

Quickblood1 says:

Not sure if I’m understanding the range extender option correctly. If you
run out of juice I assume it allows you to continue your journey
indefinitely you just need to refill the small petrol tank?
or does it just give you a little extra range but eventually you’ll still
have to stop and give it a full charge

Eddie Moy says:

horrible review. didn’t show range in real world driving. just going
around town at 20mph. didn’t do any tests on the track. i imagine with
the skinny motorcycle tires, it will feel really shitty.

Dino Como says:

Nice car,eco-friendly and all the usual fibs, but as usual, it’s only for
rich people…

andrew w says:

good reviewer

George Eliopoulos says:

I’m not saying its not a good car, it might be pretty fun to drive… but
boy its ugly!

Diell Aliu says:

subtitles don’t match at all :/

ipodgrey2 says:

I just love it.

Warrantti says:

Why BMW styled it look like a invalid carrier?

KINO2x says:

The most terrible thing is that such ugly car, will be more and more ….

Malcolm glzier says:

Complaints people have about EVs: 1) they’re frumpy transport pods 2) range
3) they’re goofy looking inside and out 4) they’re unenjoyable to drive.

Congratulations BMW, every one of these apply to the i3. Its frumpy, has no
range, goofy looking, and has no grip and handles badly. All you had to do
was redesign a 3 series to be an EV! Nobody said you had to completely
reimagine everything about the automobile, all they want is an electric
drive train! Its so irritating!

vic lam says:

it looks like the “angry birds” PIG…seriously

Mircea Iordache says:

BMW is about outlandish styling?!

out·land·ish [out-lan-dish]
1. freakishly or grotesquely strange or odd, as appearance, dress, objects,
ideas, or practices; bizarre: outlandish clothes; outlandish questions.

The Pagani Huayra has an outlandish style… the Lamborghini Aventador has
an outlandish style… no BMW, apart from the i3 or i8, can be called
“outlandish”. Design-wise, BMW is part of a rather conservative group.
Beautiful as their cars may be.

0o0Nightmare0o0 says:

Why do Automakers insist on making their electric cars so fucking ugly? Are
Tesla the only guys with aesthetic sense?

ChevyBM says:

my god thats a ugly bmw!

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