BMW i3 review

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MotorTorque has tested the BMW i3, the premium brand’s first foray into electric vehicles. This model, the pricier range extender version, promises a range o…


Robert Riley says:

If my car wasn’t loaded with negative equity and the payments on this were
$500/mo or less, I’d buy it in a New York minute.

Sale_Shark says:

You don’t actually mention the purchase or price as tested, surely an
essential part of a review ?? !!

howiez1 says:

“Most appealing electric car yet” have you seen a Tesla Model S? 

Fluterra says:

I am in, will be ordering soon.
The range is well within what I drive on most days – I think that’s the
case for 99% of drivers (whether they admit it or not!).

Dan Aldrin says:

I will deffently keep my eyes open for further models models from BMW. For
now the mileage is to short and the car appeals more to environmentalists
than for serious driving.

matrempitbpjohor says:

BMW i3? suck i thing Tesla Model S more superb more mile than this suck BMW

hawkesworth1712 says:

Great car in the little countries like England but useless here in

Dan Cath says:

great car.
not a great review. (as in the quality of the review itself)

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