BMW i3: The Ultimate Electric Driving Machine? – XCAR

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The BMW i3 is the first car from the new “i” sub-brand for eco focused Beemers. Can an all-electric BMW car drive like a BMW? We find out.


XCARFilms says:

The BMW i3 is the first car from the new “i” sub-brand for eco focused
Beemers. Can an all-electric BMW car drive like a BMW? We find out.

DocWolph says:

“Are we in the future?” No. We live on the leading edge of time.

kimoy kalinago says:

Just want to say what a fantastic review. I have to say I disagree with one
point you made though here. I think part of the reason these hybrids aren’t
mainstream yet is because they DONT look like everyday cars. I think if you
had a hybrid version of every model I think the hybrid version would out
sell the normal version. It’s because they look sooo strange and there
isn’t the infrastructure to but I actually think it’s mostly down to the
looks I think. Just an opnion what do you think people?? 

FernanDK says:

47k on this one or 62k on model s? i guess i’d go with tesla..

besides the i3 uses the “i” brand which is everything but original, i’m
tired of these “i” things..and it’s awfully ugly.. so yeah definitely i’d
go for model s..

I hope Tesla puts its ~30k car on the market soon otherwise they might end
up being too late

Jarvis Jenkins says:

Get a Tesla Model S instead

own4g3v1nc3 says:

what’s wrong with the current 1 series? i think it looks quite nice

ki flex says:

“just say it”.. the car is just Damm.. ugly. and no ..its not how the
future should look its all good that cars are getting eco” friendly but
they dont have to be ugly.. 

branot89 says:

The ultimate electric driving machine is Tesla Model S, not this ugly

Riswan Ahmad P says:

The only bad thing about the i3 is the price

Nicktrance1 says:

I like how they made a car which attempts to make no compromises in an
effort to be more “environmentally friendly”, I’m a petrol head but at the
same time I’m not close minded and I can see that something like this is
likely to be the future and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Battery
life, price and performance will be improved as time goes by and that
immediate torque of electric motors and the fact that if it’s not moving
it’s not wasting energy is great for driving in cities or small countries
such as where I live. I just wish this one in particular wasn’t so ugly.

stephane matis says:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If I were to commute by car in
traffic prone city, I would like to be stuck in this.

BMW i3

Almost wish I could trailer more power :D

Rico Suave says:

Too expensive!


I really like the idea of being able to borrow a larger car, more
manufacturers should do that, might get more people to change to ev’s

Jogie Glen Mait says:

Now i3 is not only a processor but also a hatchback.

An electric one. :D

Evan Black says:

I’m a EV head

Rihards Mors says:

For its money, could get more practical, prettier car, tho’ very clever!
Very nice review ;)

TheMusicFan1297 says:

Dude EVs dont need a manual transmission

Joseph Farrugia says:

i’m a petrol head, car fanatic, whatever you call it. but i know that
global warming is still happening. youd be a fool like Clarkson to deny it.
so we need more rule changing cars like this. Mercedes invented the car and
it is qbout time someone reinvented it.

StefanoTrefano says:

so then why don’t you tell us how much this thing costs?

Sérgio G. says:

The price kill all electric cars

truestar1995 says:

Not available in my country….???


Ryukachoo says:

i hated the looks

but i can sort of like the front end now.
the back end can die in a fire. seriously, what the hell

kara88bg says:

Not available, watching from Serbia. Please fix that, thanks in advance.

immortality64 says:

It seems like bmw is going for the European market..still kinda looks like
a scooter from behind

John Smith says:

it’s look like a good city car

Stefan Karlsson says:

Wonder if its computers are running haswell i3′s? :D Cool little car for
sure, but guessing it cost alot, way more then the Leaf, right? :O

Funke Motor says:

Nice car, but… that’s one unnecessarily ugly dash.

noredcr says:

Eww. If BMW wants to go electric give us an electric M4, lets see it beat
the Tesla Model S!

Anthony Clark says:

Xcar my fav car channel.. You have made your video unavailable in
Morocco… Please sort it out guys!! Cheers

TISTO says:

Your detail shits are awesome i think its the mist interesting thing on
todays cars like lights and this stuff

Ezzy - Mo says:

Oh, before I forget to type it, fantastic selection of music for this

MacGuru17 says:

I just took a test drive of a Tesla Model S two days ago, so I’ve been in
la la land with that EV ever since, but then I realised how much I loved
the i3 too (not just because I’m a Europhilic snob stuck across the pond,
but also because it happens to be way cheaper, though the fact that it is
small and German makes me swoon a bit). This video has pushed me over the
edge between them, at least for now. ;)

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