BMW i8 2014 world exclusive first drive | evo REVIEW

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BMW i8 2013 review: The £100000 BMW i8 is a plug-in performance hybrid due to be revealed at the 2013 Frankfurt show in September. evo…


Kingsley Mpofu says:

Going to miss Harry :’(

matthew clouser says:

Sounded good but it dosnt seem that fast even with him driving pretty
aggressively that euro box ahead was keeping his distance

George Stathopoulos says:

Amazing car, impressive engineering on BMW’s part. 

Pete Siruk says:

My question is would you rather have tesla or i8? what will you drive to
pick up your lady or your man? What ladies think? Which car going to be
head turner? which car would be a better pick up line? Ladies please

Capo Regime says:

Is the BMW guy wearing lipstick????! 8:16

JohnnyZenith says:

Now show us someone looking excited at the sheer technology and wonderful

MineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMineMine says:

why does this asshole driving keep referencing 911 porche
i would throw him out of the fucking car at speed
shut up about crappy porshe cars alright?
they never made a great car
they make new stuff after others launch

Antonio Hernandez says:

this is more comparable to a cadillac elr than a tesla, I like the tesla
models S P85+ better, cheaper and faster

Heighty Siix says:

Thing sounds so freeking cool with the electric whine alongside the engine.

Henrique Pires says:

The combustion engine sounds gr8!

Davis Green says:

At last!! A futuristic concept car that is going into production! One for
the few cars that will not look old fashioned in 2034! A classic is born!!

stavros969 says:

Best of luck to Harry in his new job with JLR, i’m going to miss him on

Ian Townsend says:

4.6 seconds to 62 that’s the same as the original R8 V8 

George Eliopoulos says:

I like it more than the tesla because a tesla is a good practical car but
this is more of a driver’s car. The engine makes a nice sound and everyone
knows the sound contains about 30% of the fun. The tires are slippery. Its
probably funner than a tesla. I like Tesla cars too, but I like this a
little better.

najee mitchell says:

I can’t watch any vids with this guy, he’s just too unpleasant to look at. 

Elliot Etherington says:

That engine sounds gorgeous!

Yasin Telli says:

exterior design looks like r8

Kevin Z says:

I am biggest fan of German cars but this concept BMW and Audi are going
with doesn’t work. It’s expensive (having two motors) and heavy (ruining
dynamics), has no practicality and won’t save much fuel…. With i8 money
(or Audi’s eTron), I’d rather buy a Tesla S + Porsche Cayman.

And this i8 sounds really crap during normal driving.

ferrarikingdom says:

Can’t wait for Dinan to get their hands on it. Let’s see what that little
three zylinder can output. 

Tacodisc0 says:

Oh look Audi R8 lol

SirJamesTND says:

Its kind of annoying that the 911 is the only car people can compare stuff
to. It better be good being 50 years of development. 

LatinoXRocker says:

But still, for a hybrid, this is pretty awesome

The BMW i8 says:

BMW i8 2014 world exclusive first drive | evo REVIEW – YouTube

Josef Holloway says:

One for my dream green garage to sit alongside my Tesla Model S & X.

Jf Darcy says:


Newbold BMW says:

Take a look at this review of the BMW i8, which includes driving details
and an in depth discussion of what to expect from the vehicle.

Davis Green says:

A car for 2015 and 2020!!

Mike Bye says:

#BMWworldexclusive #I8
As he says in the video this car doesn’t get released until Frankfurt motor
show, and won’t be tested until 2014

Pete Siruk says:

i8 takes it. Its Futuristic,Sexy, Neo, Original, First of the Concept that
is on the planet. Mystical with the other sexy cars such as R8, GTR, Lambo,
Ferrari, Buggati, you got my point, its not just BMW its !!!i8!!! Tesla is
a good car, but have not got same attention, because nothing extraordinary
about it, Tesla is just another electric car, and you can not compare i8
with it, BMW have prove them selves for long, Tesla is just a baby and
hopefully in the future they can learn from competitors. 

LatinoXRocker says:

With such little battery range on this vehicle, this is no different than
any bmw that is already out. This is only a cool looking car if nothing

Helix Actual says:

saw it driving with the blue camo in my town, amazing looking car

Sim Lash says:

+JASON NURSE Their electric motor is nowhere near Tesla’s level. 120 kph is
nothing. And over $100k?! No way

jaguarjaonzz says:

i think this sound superb but this is disrespectfull to say this sound like
a 911 in front a person from BMW ! 6 cylinders don’t belong to Porsche…

Jens Thalau says:

i was by the frankfurt auto show

Pedro Pires says:

BMW i8 2014 world exclusive first drive | evo REVIEW

eew64059 says:

i wish it was faster.

ridoca2 says:

Not really, just ugly ;)

PSRBF6 says:

It’s not really inconvenience per-se. But more of a best-of-both-worlds

Martin Kaufmann says:

he can not even follow the cheap smal car in front..

PSRBF6 says:

Electric motors themselves have been developed over a century now. Since
they’re so simple and un-complicated, they’re development has already
peaked. There are 2000+ Hp 6cyl engine cars floating around. The IC engine
still has a LOT of development to go (as said by BMW engineers). Sound is
already understood as being ‘part and parcel’ of a performance car, so they
don’t bother saying it. So I’d be fine with EVs for city cars and
commercial vehicles. But a hybrid is a must for a performance car.

PSRBF6 says:

Inline 3.

Don Smy says:

What a great review! All to often the details are completely trivialised.
Just the right amount of detail and Harry’s infectious enthusiasm for the
i8 certainly perked my interest….thanks Harry!

Eli Mgbodi says:


zavian Turnquest says:

He really has the best job in the world

celpabedn says:

ne seri

jean-michel HERBERT says:

it’s interesting how they keep on talking about a 3 cylinders Turbo
engine,sounds great,the tech is there but “they” will keep us tied up
untill the last drop of oil,then the price of electricity will sky
rocket…!!..Even Koeniggsegg’s boss is talking about splitting big engines
in half to reduce gazoline hungry motors.

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