BMW i8 Full Review – The all new

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The engine and electric motor combine for 362 horsepower, 420 pound-feet of torque and all-wheel-drive performance, all integrated into a chassis that is 10 …


ed costa says:

Why the hell the petrol engine cant charge the battery on the go???

marcusdumitru says:

in some point, this video boasts the PRACTICALITY of i8! What? this car is
ANYTHING but PRACTICAL! Just look how awkward it is to step into the car.
Almost no space for luggage. The driver PRACTICALY dosen’t see the road in
that position. It doesn’t fit more than 2 persons confortably. And what do
you do with 35KM of battery autonomy? It’s too expensive for real purposes.
With all the brains and engineering, the Germans should have first built an
all electric minivan or a SUV, or a 4×4, not a sport car. Nobody really
uses this things in real life, even if they are fun. People need things
that help them in real life, not efficiency ICONS. this is JUST AN ICON.

Jan Delcid says:

I’ve been sold on this car for a long time and my wife is getting me one,
but this video is beyond boring.

The Skeleton Healer says:

this car gives me a feeling that i haven’t felt in years… its just

Han Chen says:

lol. Too expensive. Rather get Model S

Venusha Govender says:

I am Inlove With This Beauty 

Dejan Ven says:

whats the song@the beginning?

tone7994 says:

this is an advert

Canadian Bacon says:

Great car, but I think I will just buy one used in 5 years for 20K

Le-Cheng Xu says:

Born gas. Fake.

Fuego Serpiente MIA says:

BMW i8 Full Review – The all new

Blade ManX says:

Forget this hype wait for the nsx lol v6 electric 500 bhp

haffus77 says:

crap!!!!!! hydrogen to electricity instead, what bullshit this car is,
hempfiber is better and combustion engine is ridiculous on fossil fuels,
ethanol from hemp has ALOT higher btu!, solutions are already 215 years old
even for this world in suppressed information, delusion, illusion and
deception.., people it is really just because of Tyranny and there EVIL
“ways”.., they only want to offer fossil fuels as a energy solution and
supress all other technologies, just think about it, they knew how to split
water into hydrogen and oxygen with electrolysis in 1809, 101 methods in
the beginning of 1900 printed in books and sold in all book stores, but we
still went for fossil fuels! and we still buy that shit today!, yes people
if you do not wake up and stop buying there fossil fuel solutions, they
will never stop until they have finished all of natures resorces. I hope
this sick bad idea about this car is showing it true self now ;-) hehe..bon
appetit :-D

Greg Newton says:

They fucked up. They needed a car that keeps up with the 991 911 Turbo

hugo leite says:

30 peoples ownes audis and mercedes…

Bourn3J says:

What is the song with the girl?

Kamal Al Banna says:


James Rothwell says:

Is this review paid for by BMW?

MrCusmile says:

Is carbon fibre recyclable? 

Jamie Fields says:

I love this car, but I wonder how quick it will me around the Nurburgring? 

Антон Тимиргалиев says:

what song is playing at the end?

Ben Advocaat says:

deze komt na mijn z4 denk ik!

AESCULAPTORmark3 says:

Needs a big rear spoiler same as the BMW M1 Procar has. 

zinedine zidane says:

why many dislake? i see it is not goo review and there is some ads but it
is not bad video. there is something good

sulo kheladze says:

Great Video, Thank you. this video was some ads, but A total of
its great video.

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