BMW i8 Hybrid Supercar Review

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The BMW i8 costs $300000 here in Australia – that’s $100000 per cylinder. But, to be fair, at least they throw in a free electric motor. Let’s go for a test drive. I guess when you spend…


AutoExpertTV says:

What’s it like to drive a $300,000 hybrid supercar? Or is that super-hybrid

Steven Mcauley says:

Should i lease or buy? car will be for business but i am located in NZ.
Will be a ute if makes any difference?

Cykoid says:

Nice, but not $300k nice, rather have one of the Tesla models but they’re
still big $$$

BarryEssex says:

How can it be $300000? There’s something seriously wrong with Australia.

DJ Carpio says:

Once again, great review. Best i8 review I’ve seen yet.

Sami / says:

John, did the i8 test drive experience include business class air travel, 5
star hotel, helicopter and limousine rides, and Michelin star meals fully
paid by BMW?

Dream Killer says:

Another realistic, no bullshit review. Top job, Cado. In my humble opinion
unless you are earning serious mega dollars there is no reason to spend
this much coin on any car. It just screams – “I’m a wanker – look at me.” 

Ravi Srinivas says:

Great review, please test drive the Tesla.

Jason Carpp says:

Holy hybrid, Batman! Are we really driving in this?!

Kevin Wang says:

Fast and Furious. You look so badass driving it! Lol. But $300K for a BMW?
No, thank you! Great video once again! Unique sense of humour and love all
the references.

parad0x666 says:

I agree completely with your green washing comments, the only positive is
that the rich schmucks/posers who buy this will help subsidise the tech for
cheaper cars in the future :-)

Byron Nightingale says:

What the hell John? $300,000 for this?, go back to a nice simple Santa Fe
mate.;-) I would hate to have this thing fixed when it breaks down. This
thing is one thing my nice independent mechanic would probably shake his
head and say I must need my head read!!! ‘Sorry son I can’t fix this for
you, too much complication in this!!. You will have to go to your very very
nice BMW partner, i.e. your dealer with all of BMW’s dealer only exclusive
diagnostic bullshit and sign over one of your arms and maybe one of your
legs to have his technological genius just look at it’…………. let
alone fix it………… prepare to part with at least your other leg as a
worst case scenario.

I think a simple diesel Santa Fe will suffice everything without the absurd
asking price, boy I could buy a few nice top spec Santa Fe’ s for 300,000
smackers, through a decent car broker of course.

Thanks for the entertainment value this video brings, but I would rather
something a little more practical, Subaru, Hyundai are just as good if not
better and cheaper to fix and a far side more useful.

kimlarc says:

thanks for the videos… what are your views on the bmw 3 series??

faulcon1 says:

This car is ideal for those who have a spare 300k and no idea what to do
with it. It will devalue faster than a European country economy. In ten
years you may be able to buy one for 30k or less.
Is the winding road you drove on the Putty rd?.

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