BMW i8 | India Drive Video Review | Autocar India

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BMW’s high-tech i8 hybrid sportscar looks like it has come from the future. But is it as radical as it seems? Gavin D’Souza finds out. Autocar India is your one stop source for test drive…


Autocar India says:

Sports mode on Indian roads is a joke …. 

Krishna .paritala says:

The look of the car just stops my breath for a second!

Anish Somawar says:

Its price kills the car

dev c says:

Audi R8 or Jaguar F-Type Coupe over this any day!

Abhishek Nikam says:

I couldnt find the main info .. on a full tank of fuel and full battery
charge, how much total distance can it cover?

spaceydecember says:

Maybe its me but my dream car doesn’t look as good when the steering is on
the left.



Admissive Prince says:

From the back, it looks like it’s giving birth to a Porsche 911.

Dhruv Chauhan says:

Plz do a review of pulsar rs 200

Girish Patil says:

BMW i8, I’m coming to get you !

VITTAL S S says:

Ppl wld go for F type R instead

Mandeep Baweja says:

We cant afford it lol

Aman Khetarpal says:

Initially, I thought the production design of the review video would dampen
the viewing; I was sure to exit the video. However, the content of the
video was good and that’s why it kept me hooked on till the end. Great
review. Hope you guys work on a slicker prod. quality next time. Thanks. 

Dino Srisatidham says:

Where did you test drive BMW i8 ? The road looked pretty smooth.


I love my Volkswagen polo.

veteran investigator says:

Not more then 10 cars would sell. Nothing impressive. Competitors are much
better at better price. 

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