BMW i8 – Interior and Displays

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Eren Alkan says:

3 out of 4 electrical bars are full and its showing you can go 19km with
nearly full electricar batteries?? please tell me i am wrong 

Štefan Danko says:

Hey Shmee, why not to have a look at Tesla model S? In my opinion much
better car than BMW… Thanks

ExactFitness says:

holy shit this car is awesome 

Shmee150 says:

A run through the interior and displays in the BMW i8

Tyler McCraw says:

Amazing car, But I prefer the BMW M4 :)

Rage Pig says:

Shmee are you alright?

UzzyFuzzyy says:

looks stunning

Judith Van Geel says:

Why do all cool cars have to be so expensive…..

Aidan red says:

The interior is relatively regular. Nice but for such a radical car I
would’ve thought of something very crazy

cola7016 says:

1:43 i would want the car if it wasnt for the automatic gearbox…

joy syed says:

More of a pc, less car

Suvil Jayaswin says:

BMW i8 – Interior and Displays
The future car concept i8

Mark Hutchinson says:

how tall would you have to be to fit in the back shmee150

36254518 36254518 says:

Well.. interior is not that great, mercedes has better interior…

theokan89 says:

if the transfer of driving enthusiasts from IC engined cars to less harmful
electric/hybrids are going to happen, brands like tesla and bmws are going
to be the pioneers. The leaf and prius are good but they are not going to
engage anyones passion to switch.

SnuffmumriK says:

what a pile of crap, cars are getting so fucking boring. if i had this in
my garage i would still get in my Nissan 200SX when going somewhere

63Jax says:

…weren’t you suppose to be in LA?

enzoTHEferrari says:

The interior is disappointing compared to the exterior.

fuelbasti says:

This display on the console looks so misplaced.


amazing wow so futuristic

sugarsaint says:

PISS take !!

Capped Mobile broad band and 14% battery life and still youtube cue a SEVEN
MINUTE Jamie Oliver cooking advert for me?


André Bianco says:

une voiture de folie !

Sen Vesel says:

Lamborghini Aventador or Koenigsegg Agera R? plz reply

zachary fitzgerald says:

Oh lovely

liam quinn says:

if you role it how do you get out with them doors?

Swift_x_Fusions says:

The seats at the rear end look soo uncomfortable!

fesch198 says:

Everything alright Shmee? You seem a bit unsettled and nervous in these i8

Arb Maksuti says:

How much does this consume on fuel mode ? 

toninocars says:

So nice BMW ,. And looks so much like a Prius:) love it. 

dancs000 says:

They should have stayed with the original BMW speed-o-meters… I mean that
curved arrows. if not even the original analog arrows, but at least some
digital ones.

TheGarvito says:

I find it ugly af

Plumpy says:

I wanted one of these…. :(

SuperSaiyan3985 says:

How much does this car cost?

Alex Kondratyev says:

what’s awkward is the butterfly doors!

neettim says:

Can anyone tell me how this hybrid car is worth over $125,000…like
seriously, that’s ridiculous 

Fredelin Antigua says:


FenoL Fuze says:

Dream car

BGKO1992 says:

I have the feeling that after 10 years cars will not be cars anymore, and
they will suck badly. 

Wolf 5050 says:

why is smart brake a button 

SYEDOMAR North says:

This was at Mercedes Benz World,it’s been hiding there from plane site for
quite a while,saw a tiny glimpse of the bright yellow paint of its rear
wing lool,looks epic!! 

TheOtherDave says:

It’s an interesting take on hybrid performance, though the styling is not
to my taste at all.

Like the i3, I’m interested in the engineering, but disappointed with the
design. Fifteen years on, I doubt either design will have aged as well as
an E38 or E39.

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