BMW i8 review – the new king of supercars?

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The BMW i8 is a game-changing hybrid super car that makes the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 feel and look dated. Read the full review: Subscr…


Hack IDE says:

lykan is the king of supercars bitches

kraenk12 says:

The i8 never was supposed to be a supercar. It’s a new kind of sportscar

Core Q says:

IT’s a little bit overpriced. spending 100k on a entry level hybrid sports
car is a bit too much. 

Alexandre Fernandes says:

Not the king of supercars, but to me this is the car of the year!
This his the first of the new generation of sportcars.
The new kings of supercars are the Porsche 918, Maclaren P1 and LaFerrari.

Roynelle Morris says:

i8 M version please hybrid straight 6 

ewt415 says:

King of supercars? Sorry, but in the company of the Ferrari 458 Italia, F12
Berlinetta, Lamborghini Aventador, Mclaren 650S, 991 Turbo S, and R8 V10
Plus, do you see a spot for the i8 to be the king? 

Evan Sullivan says:

Instead of making million dollar electric cars, they should make an
affordable and stylish electric car.

Paolo Cosentino says:

Car looks great, not a fan of the flat wheels. Needs more aggressive
concaved wheels

Kaipeternicolas says:

Most people who have had BMWs and like performance driving will be
disappointed with this car. It really doesn’t have that much traction and
the engine only sounds good because of the Active Sound. I don’t want to
down-talk the car. It’s a technological masterpiece. But it’s not a car you
would ever compare to a 911 or an R8. 

Douglas Aranda says:

I am starting to like hybrid cars, well, at least when they still have a
good “otto” sound.

Tuddec says:

Comparing i8 to Prius is like comparing a finger to a d*ck. 

1seipai says:

Electric sports car? No, not even the 918 Spider, P1 & LaFerrari. Put
simply it’s crap! 

kezboy1 says:

Sorry, but I just Don’t think this is in a “supercar” category. It’s more
of a sports car. And honestly costing over 100k, I’d much rather buy an R8
and that is an “affordable” super car.

XtrAMassivE says:

i just wish they wouldn’t make the rear so ugly, bmw can’t make good
looking rears anymore…

juskaws says:

If I had allot of money I would buy it but never really drive it. I liked
it as a concept because it was just a concept the car just doesn’t fit.

Sandouras says:

I like everything about it, particularly those ribbons of black and blue
running across the exterior, but its proportions are a bit off. It looks a
bit like it has Downs (no offense). With a small facelift to fix those
proportions it would look so much better. The lack of front grills also
makes it look plastic btw. 

gianhet says:

The rear looks awkward.

DMaster Mensionz says:

This car one day will be a half a million dollars or more. Guaranteed

youngprankster94 says:

The new king of supercars?…..your joking right autoexpress, it’s a BMW:
ugly, shit and slow…go home BMW XD

TheMusicFan1297 says:

Its more the youngest son of supercars, young but leading in the future 

aysbg says:

I am throughly impressed by this car in every single aspect but one… I
really dislike that behind, it feels unfinished to me.

barozanul2 says:

cikalaka cikicha

K1LLAY says:

mi4 touch window map option?

datzrob says:

Cool car… But 120-135 grand American…. For basically a tesla wannabe
with cool doors…. Bmw aways finds ways to overcharge on vehicles….. I
have a BMW 650i coupe 2012….. Almost 100 grand and the value has dropped
40 grand…. I just laugh because this will be my last BMW ever…… 

piotr skarga says:

For me bmw i8 looks better than 99 % modern car its not competition for 911
in racing but bmw shows us what future willbee its look awsome i will
choose i8 over 911 or r8 because they look ….simply OLD(porsche outside
and audi r8 inside look old)they are better racing car but bmw looks
COOOOOL hybid cars are future yhey not faster than normal car but they are
improove every year maybe for 10or 20 year hybrid will take large part of
market its future and we cant do enything whit this

TheBlackIdentety says:

If they’d implement the straight 6 from the 435i this car could sound and
perform much,much better. It already has the looks. Now it needs some super
car features.

johny johnson says:

Nice but I rather have a M3 or M4 in a manual because nothing beats doing
it yourself plus I’m old-school like that :]

mycroftc says:

Wait…22 miles of range???? That sucks.

Fedor Flierman says:

Great tech wonder what the mighty NSX will do with four electric motors and
a twin turbo V6.i think it will eat this.butt I love the technology of this
bmw.the question is however is it reliable. 

Moby Dick says:

i don’t 8 it.

alej469 says:

Solid review!

sdajjd says:

tesla shares dropping in 3..2..1.

jonny5777 says:

god I want one of those! I’ll start cutting out my healthy kidney and the
bidding can start…

stavros969 says:

I’d have the new Honda NSX it will be worth the wait.

Dezz9820 says:

It can only drive 22miles on electric power?! I dont see what all the fuss
is about! Although it does look really good!!

100vasiliy says:


Sérgio G. says:

A lot of blind people in the comments. This BMW is just good looking. I
love it. Regards from Portugal. 

Srchangwaytogo C. says:

I assume everyone knows this could look exactly the same, weight a lot
less, have more power and cost less enough to pay for petrol the entire
car’s life. Plus the noise coming from the engine would be real and not
made by the stereo.

PD: That last phrase choosing this over an R8 or a 911 “Because I love
technology & design” sounds to me like you were selling an iPhone.

F Ahmad says:

looks a bit soberly in this colour scheme

jsponson says:

Does the reviewer know that the engine sound partially comes out of the

Hugh Janus says:

Not really a ‘super’ car but more of a sports car. A great one for the
times at that, but the fake sound? I’m not too sure about that. And it
isn’t particularly nice from the outside either (the sound).

Josh Charlie says:

Looks amazing.

motorTVee says:

The doors are totally awesome!

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