BMW i8 Review: The perfect sports car?

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We’ve driven the BMW i8! In this Review, we discover it looks beautiful, sounds good and is rapid, but is it as good as a Porsche? Subscribe to Recombu Cars:…


clanmac66 says:

Is it me or is this car a love child between the Audi R8 and Lotus Evora in
the looks? Definitely not where I would invest my 100K on a car. 

bezor Ta says:

BMW really keeps producing perfect car after car. They just introduced M3,
M4 and the city car i3 and now this.

Diego Gonzalez says:

This is probably the only car in production that looks like it’s a
futuristic, concept car.

bostonsports fan says:

Great review! I8 is pretty interesting.

RecombuCars says:

Rory’s tested the BMW i8 in Scotland, and reckons it’s one of the best
sports cars in recent memory.

Jes sen says:

good review but I wish one of the reviewers would sit in the back seat so
we know if its a usable backseat or not..

Alberto Leal says:

Great looking car, no doubt about it. Design is superb, the technology is
surely brilliant. But it’s a hybrid, which in my eyes, is a wasted
opportunity. I want to take that marvel and place a proper BMW engine in
it. Call me backwards – not all at once please – but a hybrid car will not
save the planet. 

Double Ledson says:

Why does this channel ot get more views 

ian7675 says:

I don’t think it matters what I drive to work…people will always hate me!

awsome12111 says:

This channel should get 100k views consistently with the videos it puts up

yassine nagati says:

song name pls ?

Brett G says:

What it comes down to is this:
1. Is it fast enough / powerful enough for a guy with 150k to blow on a
sports coupe?
2. Does it compete in any way with car in it’s price range other than
being a gimmick for gas mileage?
Bottom line, all it’s competition are superior performance cars. I don’t
know anyone with 150k who will sacrifice that much performance just to say
they are being more “green”.

Prem Rush says:

0-60 is in 4.2 but track test have proved it to be as fast as 3.9

Charles Darwin says:

good review, but at 2:07 he says 326hp, he should have said 362hp. it´s an
awesome car though and i really want it.

siningwow says:

Great Review man loved it

MrGts92 says:

Let’s listen to a 20 yr old ‘gangsta’ wannabe who shows he has previous
bias towards BMW and has never driven it, over a guy in this video, who

Bertlins says:


elgeeone says:

Really good review! 

Lai Tuck Piau says:

I want this…

youngprankster94 says:

The perfect sports car?… Far from it, it looks revolting (like all
BMW’s), it’s a flippin’ electric car and no one likes them, but above all,
it starts from 99K…for that price you can pick up a mid range Porsche 911
loooooool….BMW or Porsche? Hmmm thats a hard one XD 

DJMorcy says:


TheSnoopy1750 says:

Great review, but I think I’d enjoy a Porsche Cayman GTS PDK more and have
US$45K left over.

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