BMW i8 – Road Test Review (India)

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BMW sportscars as we know them, are going through a lot of change. While the M3, M4 and M5 took the turbocharging route, their flagship comes in the form of the i8 – which too gets some crazy…


odmag says:

The BMW i8 promised to give us more than a glimpse into the future of the
sportscar and so we took it out on a three-day journey! Watch the video for
the review

Harikrishnan K M says:

The price is tooo i mean TOOOOO Ridiculous for what it offers.. I know the
110%import tax but still it is… The eye will shift to other sports cars,
in my case it would be a full featured Jag F-type R v8 coupe 

Hardik M. Shah says:

I like the way Rohit Paradkar presented the review. Initially when he moved
in from the Hindi version of OD, I was skeptical that he wouldn’t be as
well versed and convincing as say, Shirish and Bert were, but he did
surprise !
And of course, that Beemer! <3

Toshit Jain says:

The same car is used by +Autocar India for review..
Same registration no.

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