BMW i8 versus M4 – track battle

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CarloDelucis says:

I was expecting to see some lap times from a “track battle”…

MrLalasd says:

Everyone is going to forget about the i8 when the NSX is out soon. 

hawkermustang says:

The M4 is much better, it don’t need batteries. 

shaft9000 says:

A proper M-car should never, EVER weigh over 3500 lbs, even the 4 doors.
Who in the hell are they homologating for, NASCAR???

Rafael C. says:

I just can’t like the BMW i8… although it’s powerful and economical and
looks (not to me) good, and futuristic, I still can’t cope with the fact
that it’s a 3-cylinder (Mini engine) that’s right behind you and still
needs the sound pumped through the stereo…I admire it’s capabilities but
i just can’t like it

DimensiiioN says:

Nothing will ever beat a big combustion engine with more than 4 cylinders.

Dan Frederiksen says:

it’s faster at speed, the i8 is faster off the line.
both are pathetic cars done by incompetent BMW though. a properly done
electric could run circles around the crude M4. Even the obese Tesla Model
S P85D could molest both.

ianiva says:

Yeah I’d definitely choose the i8. It’s such a special car and looks so, so

bezor Ta says:

Except for M1, M-cars are not sports cars or even meant to be. They have
always been performance coupes or sedans. And as regulations require, all
cars get heavier. Some drive the 80:s M-cars and think today’s M-car are
heavy. But all cars are heavier and BMW has tried a lot to make this M4 and
M3 lighter by using lighter materials where ever possible. Only other way
is to make them small like 911, but then they are not coupes or sedans
There is rumors about the next i8 having the 3L straight 6 and being a lot
sportier and quicker with wider tires. You can even order this i8 also with
wider tires. 

Fusay34 says:

I really don’t understand why does this guy hate M4 so much? Also I find it
interesting that he says M4 feels too heavy for an M car while it is
actually almost 90kg lighter than very praised and worshiped last gen E92

DoctaM3 says:

Love both of these cars. I must say, there is something about the i8 that
just makes it so much more enjoyable. Future looks bright… I am not
worried. From F10 M5 to my i8 and I have no regrets. I never thought I
would be saying that about a hybrid. Wish we could have seen some more of
that drone footage +Autocar Awesome job mates!


The wheelbase and the tires make the i8 fail to beat M4. However, that’s
not BMW’s fault coz BMW won’t build a car to beat themselves.

HeavensGremlin says:

This test was shit. What the HELL was the point in testing it AFTER the
i8′s battery was flat….?!?! DOH…. Talk about dumb.
The i8 is about the smartest car on the planet right now. It makes the M4
look like a fossil. Bearing in mind the battery was ALREADY FLAT (Doh..!)
it kept up well, despite the M4′s MUCH bigger engine. Added to that,
remembering the i8 has very skinny tyres – it also kept-up well on the
corners. The mod-engined handling was miles better, the M4 was very
tail-happy. All in all, welcome to the future. Oh, and as for the comments
below about Jap cars – fine for kids. Give me German engineering over
Jappa-Crapper any day.

Ianmundo says:

Why did you run down the batteries BEFORE the track battle? the i8 can only
properly compete when it has the instant torque of the electric motor.
Stupid test.

derbigpr500 says:

Well you can’t compare a purpose built from ground up middle engined car
with a carbon fiber body to a sports version of an executive coupe. Two
totally different cars. They should make an i8M…with a bit more power
and proper tires, not these bicycle-like eco tires, and a properly hard
suspension setup. I bet that would drive like a dream.
But then it kinda defeats the purpose.

Richard Glanville says:

First time I’ve heard mention of running out of juice. Reminds me of a
Prius, I used for a while. With full charge showing, you could empty that
in 3 miles of hard acceleration. How quickly did the I8 run dry? 

Seb bleunos says:

what a pointless comparison – why wasn’t the i8 charged up??
seems like there was a lot of info missed out too, lap times, what settings
was each car on, no real mention of the handling balance of the i8, what
economy did each car acheive on track? etc etc – a bit of an i8 advert I
As for the i8 being ‘more fun’, well it didn’t look it as it lurched and
struggled around some of those corners.

SenszR says:

Cool technology and all that but I just can’t see the logic in paying 100
grand to get smoked at the lights by some prick in a 60k car made by the
same manufacturer. A bit embarrassing if you ask me.

Shawn Gunnison says:

Those wheels on the i8… so ugly!! Overall ugly compared to the old 8

Warrantti says:

Tesla Model S P85D would humiliate BMW M4. No BMW or any stock petrol coupe
or sedan can’t match Model S 691 horsepower and 931Nm of torque and it does
3.2s to 60mph.

M3Conv says:

People saying the M4 is too heavy have no idea what they are talking about.
Its lighter than the the previous E92 M3.

The M cars are a massive seller for BMW because they can do everything,
fast yet refined and comfortable.
There is no market for a stripped out race car, BMW would lose billions if
they tried that..

I have had 2 x E46 M3′s and now a late model E92 M3,
why? because i only want to run one car for both business and pleasure like
most of the other owners.

Chris Davies says:

No mention of the horrible skinny eco-tyres on the I8? SURELY, you fit some
proper wheels and tyres to get what the I8 can really do?

‘Lecky boosted cars are the future, for sure, and I can barely wait to own

josj15 says:

M3 weighs more than the I8, thanks electronics, flappy paddles and phony
car enthusiasts that cant drive! Oh Yeah, dont wanna forget the politicians
catering to the environmentalist groups!

Andrew Branch says:

How is this a valid comparison if the batteries are dead on the i8? That’s
an extremely significant performance advantage for the i8.

I’d also like to see a comparison of the i8 with some normal width tires,
assuming it’s possible. 

Miika Venäläinen says:

that man must be into other men

dimos k says:

saying that the driver of the i8 is having more fun while you drive the M4
at 50% of its potential through corners makes no sense.
give us a lap time of each, and let us see if the i8 can at least oversteer
(proper oversteer, not losing grip from those tiny tires)

osamaFXX says:

The i8 as a concept is madly beautiful. But the road version is just boring
somehow and those Pruis like wheels just silly! Why BMW changed it? Its a
supercar it suppose to be mad and stunning to look at.

Kingsley Mpofu says:

“Too heavy to have an M badge” but it weights less than the old model and
some of its rivals 

JAMANB says:

“BMW i8 vs BMW M4,
Land Rover wins” – Steve Sutcliffe 

S Miller says:

Maybe a I8 with the straight 6 in the M4 along with the electric motor
would be the eco super car it promised to be but maybe that goes against
the whole point of it

Seventaiji says:

For having seen one, the i8 is fantastic to look. But for its price,
considering what it has to offer, seriously it’s a waste of money. No
supercar power, no huge agility difference to make up in corners what it
doesn’t have in straight lines, not enough room to sit comfortably 4
peoples like a GT type car would. 3 cylinder here sounds agressive but
lacks the thunder motorheads love to hear, love to feel. And it is not even
the more efficient hybrid you can find. So far a disappointment for me.
Well, at least it is beautiful.

But beauty can be had for a lot less than this, and with a lot less

Robiul Ahmed says:

A couple of things:

It would be interesting to compare mpg of the 2 cars whilst they were at
the track.

You don’t need big horsepower figures to have fun in a car. I’d suspect a
GT86 is more fun than the M4.

Atahan Özaydın says:

Go and give your 40 grand more to i8 for better mpg, be my guest. ( me
smart, inviremunt, lel )

ToxicPhenix says:

for a 3 cylinders it’s pretty impressive tho

ttot catalony says:

i think the tires of i8 looks very tight. but it still a good car.

aleksandarfriscic says:

Typical journalism promotion…its overpriced,so bmw is funding the press
and commercials…how THE FCK can *that* be more fun than more
powerful,faster,drifting bmw I6 ?!?!?!?!?

Wubb8t says:

Spotted you in the top middle you little bastard >:D Trying to fly all
quick away from camera view 3:07 

John (new channel) says:

We get it you fat schmuck, you dont like the m4. However you should still
be fair in the video. 

Senne Trenson says:

It’s not a 6 speed automatic, but an 8 speed automatic! -_-
The 3 cylinder has a 6 speed and the electric motor has an extra 2 gears.
Which, of course makes 8 together. (b.t.w. BMW is the only manufacturer who
has managed to give an electric motor 2 gears instead of just 1. Brands
like Tesla have tried it, but they couldn’t figure it out!)

Martin Allen says:

30 seconds of unrelated advertising.

Eugene Hvorostyanov says:

And the winner is Alfa 4C! :-)

Ziad Haddad says:

Ok maybe someone already brought this up already and if so then I’m sorry,
but Steve mentions that the i8′s batteries have gone flat and he’s only
using the petrol engine to keep up with the M4, does anyone besides me find
that weird and alarming!!! Carbon Fibre or not, they both weigh the same
and the i8 has to be down on torque – so how is all this video

The G-Man says:

The i8 really cannot be regarded as mid-engined. ‘Dual engined’ would be a
more accurate way of describing the weight distribution of the car. While
the heavy batteries are indeed placed toward the centre of the car, both
engines sit over their respective axles, greatly increasing the polar
moment of intertia, which is why we won’t see the i8 troubling the M4′s lap
times any time soon. 

Daniel Oliver says:

Aren’t these cars on vastly different tires? I’d wager it’d be different if
they were on the same tires.

Sherbrick says:

Well, it’s a really stupid test if he’s comparing the two while the i8′s
battery is dead… that’s like saying “whoops, Phelps lost, but we didn’t
let him eat for two days before the race”. On the other hand, it isn’t a
very big battery, so I’m not surprised it’s dead. The concept of the car is
great and it looks hot, but given how the cheaper Tesla P85D massacres it
at significantly less cost, BMW have some work to do if they’re going to
keep selling any of these. It’ll need way more electric juice (probably by
buying batteries from Tesla… hah!) and probably more cylinders to keep
all you pistonheads happy. (Consider a V6 that could run all, half, or
none… you get to keep the efficiency while adding more max power, and the
ability to keep the electric juice up in an extended performance setting).

Bruno Danese says:

I am sorry.
But who the fuck would buy an i8? Seriuosly

nosirrahx says:

I cant wait to see the first gas electric monster that is sub 500K, can
handle prolonged beatings without running out of juice and can break under
3 seconds 0-60.

What do you think, 3-5 years and we will have it?

Kyler Gross says:

Is it weird that I actually prefer the triumphant sound emitted from the
BMW i8′s 3 cylinder engine when compared to the BMW M4′s rambunctious
banter of crappy engine noise?

den525 says:

Ummm maybe for a review like this you’d think autocar would charge it up to
review it properly!!! 

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