BMW Individual – BMW 7 Series Sedan

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True exclusivity fulfills the highest demands: those which one places on oneself. BMW Individual enables you to turn these demands into reality, with a BMW I…


mister spancer says:

The inside is different for every BMW. So they are kind of lying about the

mister spancer says:

but I do love the car and concept

cold187e says:

most sexy car ever but the price more than 100.000 Euro or dollar its a

Fake Cake says:

When they say German Engineering, they mean interior quality? LOL, I knew
lexus make higher quality vehicles!

Abdelilah Amachouad says:

BMW Individual – BMW 7 Series Sedan
True exclusivity fulfills the highest demands: those which one places on
oneself. BMW Individual enables you to turn these demands into reality,
with a BMW Individual 7 Series in which every single detail is exactly
crafted to harmonise with the whole.

lincoln burrows says:

old mersedes series have quality interior but new ones dont have but bmw
raising its quality everyday .

ron hsi says:

It should be “AN” unique instead of “A” unique, shouldn’t it?

Ahmed Khalaf says:

OMG even the music they select is excellent

myfriends909 says:

أنا أشهد أنهم صدقووووا التفرد القيادة المتعه ………. اي والله هذي للى
عرفته لما اشتريتها

The Stig says:

If they do they are unwise in my opinion , mine is about 25 years old now,
stuck with me for a while, and still better than some cars by today

mark marshall says:

if they only had the reliability of Toyota(lexus)

anonim007 says:

1:53 :)))

sonofab33ch says:

ur 100% right. BMW comes in well above Audi and Mercedes. And lexus doesn’t
even compare, and the sales of BMW proves it. Tell me why BMW has the
record breaking sales ever single year while Audi and Mercedes fall short
of BMW sales numbers big time! nothing compares to a BMW

Kino Kredo says:

бмв гаааааавно.а вот МЕРСЕДЕС это мечта.

serbetli100 says:

Yes, a car is expensive good, but every year, like a computer, more and
more advanced car with more power but less fuel, more crash safety and
clean exhaust developed and sold. I think autos should be engine
replaceable, body itself should last 20 years but replacing motors in every
3 years or some. Driving an old car with bad exhaust and consuming a lot of
fuel isn’t very smart method, I think. Anyway, those who buy 7 series are
rich people, so they just but a new model anyway.

HackZiLLa says:

some interior parts looks cheap on this car, but it’s still my 2nd fav car.

Platinum Platinum says:

你爸ㄜ 要是有錢 就把你牽回家

allan Khacy says:

BMW maybe 3rd in the rank after Merc and Audi, but I’m still a huge fan of

serbetli100 says:

Nonsense. It’s just a car. No need to make it like a furniture which would
last 100 years. Those who buy 7 series would replace, buy new cars every 2,
3 years so lasting 3 years would be enough.

serbetli100 says:

Cars and the technology are improving every day. A 10 years old 7 series
isn’t really a 7 series. Like a 10 years old laptop computer with diamond
and gold keyboard but it can only support Win XP. A laptop computer made
with ordinary plastic but it can support Win 8 is much valuable for people,
I think.

chevrolet193 says:

الله يعطيك خيرها ويحفظها من العين.انا نفسي فيها وانا عمري16^___^

max payne says:

if BMW is good,Mercedes BENZ is perfect

myfriends909 says:

ان شاءالله ربي يكتب لك الطيبه للى تسر خاطرك

HackZiLLa says:

Lexus LS 2013 = best car ever, even looks better than the bmw in and out

BMW Alpina says:

I bet most of opponents didn’t even seat inside of 10 years+ old 7 Series
individual, not to mention even about the drive. This car if is well
treated and maintained will survive next 10 years on the road. And even
after that you’ll sell it for someone, not send for scrap.

Peter3dsMax says:

I’d say BMW comes first in the rank with the Mercedes but Audi is way back

Aleksandar Arabadzhiev says:

Nonsense! If they made the car to last for 3 years only what would they do
it after that? Throw it away?! No one buys a car which costs 100K+ for 2,3
years only -.- If this car is taken proper care of, it would look like
brand new after 3 years. The people who buy such cars really want the best
quality otherwise they would have gone for a Citroen C6 which would
probably break after 3 years….

Fares Bahareth says:

it’s not any car…it’s BMW

SirTermos says:

Great thinking (if you were thinking). What about the people who bought it
used? For them the interior would be ruined. I mean like pieces falling
apart… Also some people have their cars in 10 years before changing.

myfriends909 says:

ان شاءالله ……. ربي يرزقك بواحده طيبه تسر خاطرك …. وتراني ماكنت اظن
بيجي يوم أسوق وحده مثلها….. وهذي الايام درات وصارت عندي وحده ….. خلي
أملك بالله كبير…. وطموحك عالي ولاتحكم على نفسك بدري ترى يجيك يوم تسوي للى
في خاطرك. موفق ان شاءالله واشكرك الانك ذكرت الله

BMW Alpina says:

We are differed thinking people. Most of us watching this video, would
rather buy years old 7 series individual than brand new (an example) Focus
with full package spending same money. Your thinking against my… That’s
your individual choice and belief which car is just better for you:)

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