BMW M235i vs BMW M3 CSL on track

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We test the BMW M235i against one of the best M Cars ever made, the BMW M3 CSL. BMW 2 Series review: Subscribe to our YouTube channel h…


Marian Cihoň says:

“modern cars tend to be heavier” – no they don’t – CSL is lighter because
BMW did everything to make it lighter… ;)

James May says:

E46 M3 CSL. Most beautiful BMW ever built period

TheOne42 says:

German cars, especially performance models, DO NOT age well.
if you don’t want to donate most of you income to the garage owenr, you
better stay away from this M3.

Yemi T.O says:

That Noise!!! Omg, what a car!

Craig J says:

that M3 has one of the best sounding engines ever! so much induction noise

lobniklukas says:

BMW M3 E46 – 11 years old and still one of the most beautiful BMW’s ever

Kaouthar Arab says:

German cars are a TAMED BEASTS . . . .

647killa says:

That CSL though !! I’m a proud owner of an ’02 Phoenix Yellow BMW M3 6MT.
Its is really one of the most communicative and balanced car I’ve ever
owned/driven. Can’t find a replacement for her yet and its been nothing but
4 years of joy. Grocery getter to track wrecker !! I’m so glad though that
BMW is back to doing what they do best, and that’s creating benchmarks and
the the ultimate driving machines. That M235 is a stunning winner for BMW
and a great way to reach out to its roots again !!. Welcome back BMW, that
M235 is calling all drivers !!

IIAmGothamsReckoning says:

BMW are making better and better cars. But that legendary e46 m3 CSL is
beyond anyting else. I would take that car in a heartbeat over any other

smsuperman says:

That m3 looks way better than the new 2014 models. They all look swollen
and rounder. Nothing looks sharp. Like fluffy cars. At this rate their
future cars will look like vw beetle. Bmw needs to fire their exterior
designer. 1 series looks better. 2 series same car but ugly design.

3 series still looks great though. The only one unchanged.

crepu33 says:

This guy is one of the best (if not the best) presenters among all car
channels on youtube. Want more of his reviews and/or track battles please

ocalaeyeguy says:

$45k for a compact car….. Pass.

Michael Goodwin says:

Same price for the M3……. But you can’t PCP an e46 can you!! Which is
undoubtedly how most m235i’s will be financed.

John Mensah says:


Maad Dan says:

I’d have the 235i with the ZF 8 speed any day over the M3.

gianhet says:

Funny, I found the front of the M235i to be quite beautiful, but next to
the E46, it just feels cartoonish and a bit too much.
The E46 is really a great car :D

keanehgz says:

I’m quite sure the M235i has an optional ZF 8-speed automatic, I thought
the M3 CSL would be faster, due to it’s 30bhp advantage and lighter weight,
not to mention the ludicrous semi-slicks, and yet it drew with the M235i.
I’d still prefer the M3 CSL for that monster engine, and the fact that it
holds its value better. Good effort from the M235i, no doubt it’d be faster
than the M3 CSL if it had that super slick ZF transmission. Can’t wait for
the full blown M2 to come around, hopefully they’ll make it as good as it
can be, instead of worrying if it’d be faster than a current M3/M4.

Russ A says:

twin turbo ? isnt it a single twin-scroll turbo ?

fesch03 says:

One little mistake in the video. The M235i doesn’t come with a dual clutch
gearbox as an option but an 8-speed automatic. Too bad the CSL only came
with the SMG.

Planet Earth Is Full Of Sickos And Idiots says:

does anyone know the song in the beginning

xBuzz996 says:

why does the CSL have only 1 hole in the front bumper rather than 2? it
looks odd

ocalaeyeguy says:

Sam, it’s an entry level series bmw…..waaaay overpriced, in my opinion.
But, to each their own…..

Ben Bidmead says:

Got to get the chance to ride in the 235i while my dad took this for a test
drive, felt absolutely incredible on the B roads. The engine sounds epic, I
don’t think you can really appreciate how awesome it feels until you’re in

David Ge says:

LOVE E46 ! ♥

TheOfficialPayne Nürburgring Videos Youtubechannel says:

m235i is not a real ///M so there is no comparison

mehrshadvr4 says:

E46 is so sexy. 

Ted McScorcher says:

Cool review BUT:

1. M235′s less progressive oversteer transitions would be solved with the
optional mechanical limited slip diff
2. M235 equipped with autobox would have been definitely faster

The E46 is a pretty car that is aging well but featured an irritating
offset steering wheel (at least on LHD units) that even prompted a few
lawsuits in the US. SMG box has always been garbage.

Bootom line, the M235i with the right setup any time.

kendall280z says:

I’d have the M3 with a manual gearbox…

ianiva says:

The E46 is probably the best M3 ever. The CSL is simply a masterpiece! My
goodness that noise!

Kingsley Mpofu says:

Have never seen him so happy while driving a car before, until he stepped
in that M3

zareff says:

Was the M235i optioned with an LSD?

Christophe L says:

Looks alone break the deal for me for the 2 series. OTOH, the M3 is

wever333 says:

So if you wernt going as hard on the brakes with the M3 CSL, and a brake
kit upgrade and it would be faster around the track guaranteed. 

kraenk12 says:

I wonder why everybody says M2 3 5 i instead of M2 thirtyfive I

ellomirza says:

The fastest thing in this video is that guy’s mouth. Jeezus H Cristos,
yakety yakety yak. 

Rytis36 says:

see mpg reading on the m235i dash? I know modern bmw are fuel efficient,
but are you just going to drive this car like you would drive mpv? ;D

Aaron Hwang says:

question answered. 

Kaipeternicolas says:

M3 CSL… I remember driving that car on the Hockenheim Circuit. It was
such an amazing machine.

dailyforman says:

m3 CSL will keep its value much much better its not even comparable.. 

TheMusicFan1297 says:

235i for me, wouldnt mind taking my car to the track anyway haha

Narciso Oliveira says:

The CSL probably had the 10 year old tires aswell, you can see the the CSL
is not griping as much and all that oversteer is the proof. Even the
regular M3 has loads of traction, the CSL should have even more. I reckon
the CSL is more than a second faster than the M235i

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