BMW M3 and M4 | Review on track | Is it as good as it used to be?

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Please share the video as it helps me continue to make top class videos like this!!! BMW takes Bob over to Portugal for a fast drive of the new BMW M3 and M4…


Tambo74 says:

I saw a younger Bob Flavin on Men & Motors talking about the Frankfurt show
2003.. just thought “Hey it’s Bob Flavin!” I never knew he was nearly
famous once lol

stephane matis says:

If the electric steering worked so well in the NSX, no reason it shouldn’t
work well today :)

Keep ahead of Chris :)

William Ferry says:

Well done Bobby.
That IS as good as I’ve seen on the car, and given its’ “newness” there are
quite a lot of vid’s about. Great to be in the car with you and giving it
some beans,, over the dips and the brows, my stomach was up.. then down..
Thanks for this. Trust you are well.

Miguel Pereira says:

Lovely!! It’s clear that you had a good time.
Amazing car. I also prefer the M3, even in the previous generation i
prefered the E90. They have a really sport image and they are more complete
without any kind of compromise. For me that’s a true M.

Stephen N says:

Track day in an M3 and M4… Racing Chris Harris… Not a bad way to spend
an afternoon. 

Rihards Mors says:

M3 is soo beautifully proportioned, tho’ E90 was even better!
How you’d spec your M3, Bob?

Rafix says:

Great vid, great car… But did you say a 100 grands ?!

alan scott says:

How did you become a car reviewer bob, and brilliant video as always m3
anyday just give me the keys

eireboy100 says:

Top work as always Bob, do you get much time on the road at press launches
like that?

Patrick Moscatiello says:

Nice car. I only wish the engine sound wasn’t so weak.

gene978 says:

$37,000 For a M3 here in the USA. Not to much more then a fully loaded KIA
Optima. Of course most buyers will spend about $45K-$50K with all the add
ons that BMW nickel dimes you for. As usual Bob fantastic FUN! If your face
is peeling off maybe you found a way to smooth out old skin with out
surgery. ;-)

Eric R says:

Love the exhaust note and those colours are certainly distinctive ! Great
track shots. You must have had some fun on the next two laps!!

Mikesding says:

great video bob – can you invite us along for the next track day though? 

richard wong says:

As usual Bob, I love your video! The M3 looks like an awesome car to drive!

alan scott says:

Sure im good with computers but would insurance cover you for the duration
of the review id hate to review a car and crash it cos its to powerful for
me to handle

Billy Waters says:


Nikos Dimopoulos says:

Fantastic video…

david dykeman says:

My face is coming off in the corner? Really?

Idris Hosseini says:

What is the name of the song in the begining?

david dykeman says:

Flavour flav!

djfrooky says:

Love your videos, mate! Truly brilliant. “And we keep on rockin!” lol. I do
wish the music volume was normalized with the speech audio, however. It
blows my face off when I’m watching it on the home theater. Keep up the
good work, brother!

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