BMW M3 F80 NEW! M Performance Exhaust Review | M3 Must Have (English Subtitles)

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Thanacore says:

Heerlijk! Groetjes vanuit duitsland :D

jaguarjaonzz says:

Nice video now in HD ! but the enlish subtitles disappeared….

davide458italia says:

nice sound!! 

Kaisuke971 says:

This thing sounds mean ! Thanks for the vid guys, you drove it properly :D 

Top Cars HD says:

yes!!!!! Fantastic sound!

SuperIsraels says:

Ik mis dit soort reviews vandaag de dag. Top!

RangelSotero says:

It’s cool, but…E46 still is the benchmark, IMO. :P Now, this may be a
stupid question, but here goes: if you guys had to choose between the M3
and M4…which one would be and why?

Tieko masterlol says:

Opnieuw geupload? ;p

nik malo says:

Major misinformation in this video, Akrapovic had nothing to do with the
MPE on the F8X. It was entirely developed at BMW.

Akrapovic does provide the M-Performance exhaust on the F1X M5/6 though,
but not on the F8X M3/4.

AutoTopNL says:

4K Available!
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Jordi Izquierdo Miras says:

Ga is rechtop zitten in die bak.

amonrei says:

Can’t you just turn off the speaker sound?

Maarten Labiau says:

Kan deze ook op een m4 geïnstalleerd worden

Jordi Izquierdo Miras says:

Bedoelde het goed he. Gruwelijke bak. 

Jort Rinket says:

Heerlijk geluid.
Wat een beauty!

Jort Rinket says:

Stock sounds great but this is even better.

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