BMW M3 Review (E46) – M3s Pt.1

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After many viewer requests, the guys drive the E46 BMW M3. Is a used M3 one of the best performance bargains available? We took this generation and an E90 to…


J. Warren Padgett says:
Matthew Sumrada says:

These guys aren’t *drivers*. Anyone who truly appreciated cars, would have
bought that silbergrau with a stick instantly.

thom si says:

u can uptade the smg software and its realy fast. find it on youtube “m3
smg uptade” the difference is big and its as fast as the e92 m3.

opmike343 says:

The E46 M3 and the E39 M5 are still of the two best looking cars out of BMW
for quite some time. All of the newer designs look…”off” somehow, in my

blues03 says:

2:14 the background is surreal. Nice.

Arlind Mazrekaj says:

Omg americans and their chrome wheels, here in europe they laugh at you

jJason Duvalle says:

It takes a while to learn how to use the SMG properly. I love my SMG! I
dont have to push a clutch! You can have the SMG programmed for better

Kenneth Rodriguez says:

lose the background music. it’s just noise that is distracting while
they’re talking. Doesn’t add any value.

vismortis says:

Wow that E46 was beat inside, My 95 M3 looks better inside.

h0tBl000od says:

too bad sometimes we hear the wind more then the engine. But great video,
thanks :) says:

We’re big fans of the E46 M3! The S54 is an awesome engine, pulling hard
through the RPM range. But we also agree that the SMG is clumsy at traffic
shifting. This trans wants to live between 4-8K rpms for sure.

iLovesToHatez says:

My brother owns the ’03 version of this. It’s very sexy but loud when
you’re inside.

Tommy Heitz says:

Is your camera on a pogo stick taped to the dash?

Scott Miller says:

Just love this M3 so much <3

BMWX1M says:

LOL the e46 had one terrible owner

Samuil Rizov says:

video of the drivers is out of focus and very unpleasing to look at.

Nick Kay says:

SMG has nearly ended my life on several occasions. There’s nothing like
starting a turn across traffic when you think it’s in gear, but it’s
actually in the middle of changing down! Lovely stuff!

But all this adds to the fun of driving an E46 M3 as far as I’m concerned.
I like SMG, but it’s not for everyone. My advice, test out SMG before you
buy one. Bear in mind that it takes a while to get used to. If you’re not
sure after driving one, go manual. 

fstrnr1 says:

If you havent driven this car I strongly suggest you get into one!

-m3support net

Guillermo Palacios says:

BMW e46, for me it’s a classic. Love the lines and color.

Chayawat Putrasreni says:
Mosakoe_069 says:

Dat ugly chrome wheels :/
Better put black ones

James Harris says:

When I bought an e46 M3 I jumped in and could use the SMG straight away.
Didn’t they notice the adjustment bar? 

Dave T says:

can you do a e46 m3 csl review please!!!

1954telecaster says:

that greasy long-haired faggot pisses me off to no end.

Adilson Almeida says:

I will always love e46s…

manuel enciso says:

oh yeah.

AsiandudeHD says:

that leaf on the e46 tho

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