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The 2014 BMW M4 combines the practicality of a four-seater coupé with stunning performance thanks to its twin-turbocharged engine. The result is one of the f…


beastsumo says:

nice looking car. saw one at the dealer for 90k usd! that is a little too
much cash for me i went with a little m235i. 

Kaisuke971 says:

For me this car is l’amour perfect. It has enough power, around 450hp ( BMW
lies à bit), it’s not too heavy ( Under 1500kg is pretty great by today’s
standards), massive torque (some think like 600 or even more ), and this
astonishing look. I mean this car a presence of it’s own, it’s unbelivable.
The M3 has even more of that look (maybe the M3 badge fits the car better
?). And i see that it drive so good, with that legendary oversteer that the
M3 have, not so much but enough to put a big smile on your face. Hope one
day ill have the opportunity to drive one of these. Oh and for the sound,
Im sure it’s awesome Irl ;)

Vortex says:

Like this soppy bird can really drive a car like this. Complete waste of

crephotos says:

garbage review

Hjalmar Nyman says:

I’d rather have you than the car, and I love BMW.

Hjalmar Nyman 

Chloë Moretz says:

I have options at bmw sytner in romford, I can pick up a bmw 420d m sport
ED or a 428i m sport, which one do you recommend for City driving fuel and
power alltogether.

Kearabilwe Maoba says:

Between the M4 and 435i m sport, which do you recommend to buy?

Matt McP says:

women always sit too close to the steering wheel

Martin Smarty CooL says:

Rebecca do you quit Car Buyer?

Art Vandelay says:

More like a sales presentation than review

stunninglad1 says:

Good review.

Joyface D says:

Oh, my God, Rebecca, is that really you? I missed you so much since you’ve
left, you didn’t even say bye bye to your fans.
Did you know many people are missing you?
How wonderful to see you again in this channel, which I am not familiar
with, but since you have moved here, I will keep watching this channel.
Don’t leave without saying bay!
Just don’t go!!!

Ian Townsend says:

How do I go about getting a job like this 

LZSchneider says:

wtf Rebecca what are you doing you do not belong here you’re supposed to be
on Car Buyer, silly!

SuperDigitalDanny says:

Why did you leave carbuyer? 

benzfen says:

Hi Rebecca are you host here permanently?
Shell I expect more reviews from you in this channel?

Labinot Hasani says:

Driving in high heels?

Diego Costa says:

carbuyer is nothing to me anymore…telegraph cars is the best!!! (nothing
to do with Rebecca)

Ok I lied about the rebecca part

Zhenxiao Hao says:

Doesn’t she work at Car Buyer?

korintus nara says:

so this is the channel where she moved on

Aléf Mohammad says:

Whats with the shaky cam?

TNBposse says:

Wow, she’s amazing. Didn’t even notice the M4. 

Del Johnson says:

What no banana?

rohite says:

copyright carbuyer may be? 

MSI2k says:

You traitor! 

Walter Black says:

Unsubscribed from Car Buyer.

Mohamed Sallam says:

Welcome Back Rebecca for reviewing care :) We miss u…Just discovered your
new channel :)

Swami Satcitananda says:

BMW make some wonderful cars, & this seems like one of their best, however;
I find most of the people who drive them are complete arseholes. Shame.

IIP Velocity says:

//M4 is just he most beautiful car BMW has made in a while.

My Opinion.

TheHunter8234 says:

4min. review? are you kidding me? :DDDDD

Anurak Chubandidkul says:

Finally found you! Really love your reviews since carbuyer channel. 

Gym Life says:

it just seems like she should be making a sandwich…..very wrong allowing
a women behind a high powered car.

Mattb57 says:

carbuyer was better…

Atakitampolaczek says:

Not my type of the review. I have an impression that this is well learned
and well played movie role. Well made car review is about describing
impressions while driving. I want to know how it feels in each corner, how
is the throttle response, how the brake pedal feels. Weight feel. A good
reviewer does a review while driving the actual car. A bad reviewer has a
script prepared beforehand. What kind of review is this anyway ? Is it for
car people or occasional car buyers ? To me this review feels a bit
artificial and non informative. Obvious information that we all know or can
read in official prospect is not an information. Thumbs up for the lady
though. Its good to see a female reviewer for a change.

MrWeareone777 says:

Very Sexy. The cars ok to :)

NikesZ28 says:

Sounds like its farting :P
Not a very nice noise. 

Dodo M says:

Rebecca… you are! :)

cosworth2009 says:

Rebecca is over here now…??? Wow…did not know that. Hello
Rebecca…glad to see you back in the saddle behind cars again.

Max Boulton says:

I’m not a fan of BMs, but this actually looks different. I like that it’s
wider, but I’ve already seen loads of these on the road!

Josephat Okora says:

Rebecca, I have been wondering where you disappeared to. Great to see you
here….. I am hooked once again! I love cars more than you!! 

faraaz112 says:

I’ve never seen her shaking that much in a review…

misterhop666 says:

there she is!!!! been looking allover

nypete480 says:

She is gorgeous. The girl too.

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