BMW M4 6 month owners review

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This is a long video so you can jump to the sections below if you wish. 5:52 Driving fun (snow donuts) 11:09 Highway driving 16:00 M buttons 20:05 Other feat…


boatcaptin14 says:

Your accent is awesome! Don’t listen to those accent haters!

SuperDigitalDanny says:

Does the M4 come standard with the girl in the trunk? 

Nick Murray says:

The 6 month review of my little orange M4!

Tuddec says:

Can you give me your M4 when you’ll buy your next car?

JackSwatman says:

Does the guy with the black m4 have a channel?

tempest19922508 says:

And I also would like to put my testicles between your nostrils and mouth.
No homo.

larsniklas says:

Nick, I’ve always wondered. What do you do for a living? Since Porsche’s
and M4′s are expensive cars.

Also, I love your videos. Love your style. Keep putting them up!

Charles Austin says:

My name is Jeff

darkpill says:

Great review – you mentioned in an earlier video that you “missed” the 911
and gave the impression you might not be holding onto the M4 for that long
- is that still the case?

TheMadIsReal says:

I wonder what would happend if you sinked tui!! Wouldn’t the M4 cri and tui
cri? Question – how the hell did you manage to get the car into a lake and
sink it?..

Ola Justin says:

So Nick. I’ve ben plankning on geting my såld an 2011 Subaru WRX STi but
now i’ve found an 1972 Ford Taunus Coupé behind a barn and fallen in
love… What would you do? Go for the speedy expensive one or take the old
beautiful cheap one?

I already know I will be driving Ford this summer with Entombed screaming
out through the windows. So, I wounder if I can get as many subs as you
talking about my lemon Ford? :)

Nice vid btw!

Smokin with Chris says:

Fantastic video Nick!!! I agree life is way too short to be a stick in the
mud!! I have to say your videos keep getting better and better. Excellent
sound and image quality. Will you be doing a review on that new tripod and
camera you purchased? 

Sanju Rajan says:

This was fun to watch Nick! Many thanks for your effort and comprehensive
review. I know you change cars often and to that effect, want to hear your
thoughts on owning a 2015 Corvette Z06. Not sure if you are biased against
it but would welcome your input.-Best,

Rosa Parks says:

Hey nick what’s your thoughts on the 2014 Accord coupe 4 cyl

techdude6693 says:

Have to Admit.. Wasn’t the biggest fan of this car when it first came out
(Partially because my F30 was a pretty subpar car) but its grown on me
quite a bit. I’d probably go M3 myself for the added practicality of the
rear doors haha

M3Conv says:

Has the M4 got better mileage range than the last car?.

I have the last of the E92 M3′s and am thinking of towing a reserve fuel
tank to reduce the number of visits i have to the fuel station.

The low fuel light is pretty much always illuminated no matter how often i
fill up, which results in the digital clock disappearing on the dashboard
which is annoying.

Is the new turbo engine any better?, can it get above 20MPG on an average

Marco Ocram says:

Did you ever drive any of your sportscars on the racetrack? Or did you ever
drive topspeed? I am from Germany and i use to drive on the nürburgring. I
can’t imagine having a sportscar without our lovely autobahn and the
nürburgring ❤️

Onur Polat says:

Hi nick , i watched all of your videos ( im subscriber to you since 2014
september ) what is your l/100km ? my f30 320i has 9.7l/100km what is yours
? For m4

Raymond Ravaz says:

what editing software do you use to edit your pictures ? awesome vid
brother , i think you need some hoes in that car…. 

sugarsaint says:

Hey Nick, i notice your videos are now more popular than Chris Harris :)

If you could meet him tomorrow what advise would you give him on becoming a
proper youtube celebrity?

srleadjb says:

How are you so much patience and forgiving? When you picked up the M4 and
that stupid airbag light was going off, I was yelling at my IPad, “WTF, how
does a dealer deliver a car like that!?!?!?

Watching the 911 videos was painful. I would have stressed out on someone!
LOL. I hope you get another 911 so I can continue to live vicariously
through you……

alexnanynets says:

Hey Nick. How’s that whitish leather? Does it tend to get dirty and stain
easily? It used to be my interior color of choice (not that I’m prolly
getting one any time soon), but after seeing all my white socks fully
turning blue from a new pair of jeans, I reckon same would happen with that
leather… and fully black interior seems too cheap to me – no contrast.
And red is too stimulating, not neutral or relaxing. So is there a perfect
interior color offered by M4? Personally I love light brown/tan interior
especially when partnered with black exterior, but it’s not offered…

Erns Kleynhans says:

Thanks for the great review Nick. When watching car reviews on YT, it’s
always about drag races and fastest 0-60 times etc… cramped into a 6
minute video and to be honest, the latter misses the entire point,
especially from the standpoint of a prospective buyer, as they will live
with the car everyday. Most performance cars are very close in comparison
in terms of figures, with slight differences in sprint or track times, so
much so that the average driver will not even feel the difference. Your
review gives a much more comprehensive overview, without the technical

nibot kram says:

Hey Nick great vid!!
Ive been a BMW fan boy since the 80′s and thought BMW had lost its way in
the the 2000′s. I recently put my toe back in the water and demo’d an M4
and wow! I ordered an M3 with manual trans because i felt it was the last
best chance to get one as many the of the manufacturers are doing away with
them. Now viewing your vid im getting a bit torn. So if you get a moment
can you give me your views on the issue as i have a narrow window of
opportunity to change my order if i want to.
P.S. Be the 14 year old. I didn’t have as much fun in my 30′s as you. I
learned the lesson later on. Your younger viewers could take a lesson from
you about not taking themselves too seriously.

Best wishes and more vid’s please


XtrAMassivE says:

Awesome video! How many times did you get stuck with your M4, do you always
keep a shovel in your trunk during winter?

Nathan McConnell says:

Hey Nick, I love your M4 soooo much now! I love the colour, it is such a
mean looking car, and I have a question what MPG that you get in your M4, I
look forward to you future videos, and thanks again, Nick for being a great

Schleberger says:

You keep talking about wheelies, i think you don’t know what that means.. 

Christian Wilhite says:

Another great video Nick! In this one you made a comment about displaying
Waze on the console – did you mean you mounted the phone somewhere, or you
have a way to display iPhone screen in the iDrive? I’m trying to figure
out both options in my own little orange M3. 

Georgios Deligiannis says:

You rock and you’re funny! In a good way!
Keep up with the good work and don’t care about the bad comments.
I really like your work.. it’s pretty unique.. i mean owners reviews and
answering questions.. these videos need time (even the editing!!), so i
admire your work.
Greetings from Athens, Greece!

Trevor Macdougall says:

Such an informative video again Nick. Thank you so much. Couple of
questions…I live in Eastern Canada so we get a very similar winter to you
in Connecticut. Any issues with the car in winter re clearance or getting
stuck? People here tend to always go for xdrive. Also, you mention in
another video that come the new year, you think you’ll go back to the 911.
So, will you trade the M4 straight up? Do you anticipate much depreciation
on the M4? Thank you, Trevor

xXExtremeTABXx says:

What’s your opinion on the new BMW i8? I watched Jeremy Clarkson drive it
and he seemed pretty impressed :)

Eric Wall says:

Thanks for the review Nick! Quick question: Were you happy with the regular
breaks/have you gotten a chance to drive an M4 with the Carbon Ceramic
Breaks.. and last question how much service/trouble have you had to deal

Clementbot says:

LMAO I really love you man. Youre funny as hell. Im a junior in college and
own a bmw 325i as my first car. LOOOOVE the hell outta that car. After I
graduate and acquire a job, Im definitely upgrading to either and M3 or M4

gmanBNR34 says:

Nick, you are the best M car owner ever. If everyone who owned an
expensive car enjoyed it the world would be a better place. Also, What’s
your take on American muscle cars, or even a V-series Cadillac. I’m
curious as to what the answer is since most people would say “Well he
drives an M4 so obviously they are dog shit.”

John C. says:

Awesome review!! Love all of your reviews, Nick. Do you plan on doing a
Lexus RC-F review anytime? That would be a great review to do and kind of
do a compare/contrast segment against your M4 =).

Sandeep Sharma says:

Thanks for the update Nick. After seeing your Turbo S video, I was afraid
you’d be down on your M4 and be ready to change out sooner rather than
I’ve been on the fence between the 991 and M4 but I’m leaning more and more
to the M4…..Please make sure BMW North America send you a commission

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