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D27P says:

i always find it hilarious the way they talk about cup holders on these
kinds of cars – and what car does does have “cubbies” etc?? id love if they
tested a car and it had like none of this — thats the time to do the test 

Farside east says:

i preffer the m16

thedarkone123123 says:

I honestly don’t know why so many people buy BMWs. They are not impressive
to drive and have costly maintenance.

Kacicka999 says:

thats god…they didnt let Rebecca do this one…

Riswan Ahmad P says:

What an awesome car, I couldn’t believe that this is from the same company
that made the X4 and X6

Carbuyer says:

The BMW M3 coupe is no more. But never fear, M4 is here…

hyylo says:

all these cars are boring. they offer nothing new.

Save your money and buy a TESLA

Chrstian mrclep says:

“So am I still waiting
For this world to stop hating
Can’t find a good reason
Can’t find hope to believe in THE NEW POLO REVIEW!”

John-Simeon Ryan-Palmer says:

Matt has been hitting the gym, good on you mate. 

Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for the 2014 BMW M3 and X4 with M sport Package

H0micidium says:

Holy shit, Matt’s ripped. 

Shakar Shukur says:

Mazda CX-7 review please!!

DeltaPhi79 says:

Like driving it in Gran Turismo? Hell, BMW does faked sound better than

SilverWave says:

1:57 – Austria! <3 :)

Baruka88 says:

oh hey biceps

luimarco says:

Dude ! You started to lift, I salute that ;)

Kristoffer Lilja says:

So is this basicly like the old 335i with higher boost?

dynaco says:

On another review I saw they said fake noise could be turned off, can
anyone confirm?

mftgdeserteagle says:

4:52 Wrong, it has 431HP.

Max Baker says:

Matt, I’d love to see a BMW I8 review soon!

TheOne42 says:

Damn Mat, your arms are really big.. :)

dipro001 says:

The Porsche link does not work! fix it!

Ashish Upadhye says:

Music sucked

JK Cook says:

Matthew has been making awl kindz of bicep gainz……..awl kindz!!!

147NITRO says:

why all sports car super cars of today are truing to make small turbo
engines if i hav emoney for such car i should have money for its gas and
to take care of it no?

Box0rz says:

I just wish they updated the interior. The dashboard looks like it’s from
the 90s.

Sarin Murlidar says:

BEST COMPARISON. Great noise for Gran Turismo, but not fit for the road.
rip v8

Nurul Ahmed says:

Sooo is 35mpg bad on the Nissan Micra 1.2 07 because compeard to his its
sounds bad lmao

johnkr97 says:

this car gives me a boner…

Luke Mallory says:

Mat’s clearly always been a gym head. Go back to through old reviews and
you can see it. Right now, he’s clearly ‘gittin that summa’ pump on’ as
some dude at my gym says. That dude is me.

Derek Demitrius says:

Nice looks like you have been working out!!!

Tuddec says:

It’s weird you can’t turn the Active Sound off, on all the other Beemers
you can from the iDrive menu… are you sure you can’t?

therangeko says:

Matt you been working out?

I'm watching you sleep says:

wtf Matt, what’s with the dialect?

Rayaan Shaikh says:

Im waiting for the RC-F. Oh yeah a big old V8

Tuddec says:

My dream car.

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