BMW M4 Coupe 2015: What’s Wrong with the Sports Coupé

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After begging and pleading with BMW, we finally got our hands on the M4. Yes, the M4!!! And while the M4 is vastly different than the regular, far more tame 4-series it, does sport a similar…


Toyota4Life says:

86k ? Damn near 100k for this? People have more brains then money. 

Gadget Review says:
AJ Goombatz says:

Great video 

dcharizard91 says:

Nice comprehensive review!
That exhaust note is just pitiful. It’s a shame that BMW didn’t tune the
the car to sound like a sports car, and had to resort to playing engine
sounds through the stereo. It definitely sounds like a lawn mower. FI
engines can sound good, take the BMW 335is and F-type V6S for example. The
M4 has the performance but lacks the character. 

Dnaovrimdan says:

It sounds like a Honda according to Brian Makse. 90G’s for weak pipes that
are altered through the speakers Fuck naw!

Blake Guillory says:

Awesome video

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