BMW M4 F82 owner review

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Now that I have had my M4 for a few weeks I would like to share what I like about it and compare it to some of my other cars.


Shehryar Ehtesham says:

Nick, you’re the Michael Jackson of car video guys. You always post good
videos and i always watch them more than once. Btw you never talked about
this in your video, but between the 911 and m4 which one gets more
recognition (thumbs up, compliments, head turning etc…) ? 

naveenshanv says:

Since I live in Canada I payer 57k for a 328i! When a M3 is 63k in the US

subaruwrxfan says:

Great video Nick! I was so confused by the dog in the back at first haha.
And I don’t know how you got onto a runway but that was sweet lol. Hoping
this car holds up better for you in the long run!

TheGetawayer says:

Very nice video, Nick ! Happy to hear you still prefer the 911 in certain
areas even after those immense problems it caused you. Hope you’ll have
many more happy miles in the M4 until you eventually end up buying a 911
Turbo :)

Darian Dedrick says:

You have a girlfriend Nick?

RCGCarReviews says:

Fantastic job, Nick! Very well done. I’m so jealous that you got to drive
onto a disused airfield! I’d love to do the same at some point! Love your
car as well, man. It’s a beauty! 

William Hummel says:

Great video Nick! I absolutely love the new M4. But I’m newly licensed and
loving my 1999 E36 M3 coupé w/ the 5-speed manual (even though mine isn’t a
“real” M3 and is only 240bhp due to US emissions and other things that
killed power here) every day – still gives me plenty of smiles.

Maybe one day I’ll have a modern ///M car. Looking forward to more videos!

John Rambo says:

here comes an positive mail:
this guy is a complete faggot. he is not talking about the poor throttle
response compared to the S65 engine. he likes the artificial sound inside
and his facial expressions and body language are also from a complete super
faggot. this guys puts the 911 equipped with PDK and PASM into a not
comfortable corner. thats crazy.

1seipai says:

Comprehensive review. I’m still not sure about the engine sound. I had an
E92 but have not heard the M4 in the metal. However it does not sound good
in videos. Toupee eh? If they’re good enough for Bert Reynolds & William
Shatner they’re good enough for anyone! Lol 

TotheFloorVideos says:

Nick, we want to see you do a review on a GT-R. You said you like the push
in your back? Just wait until you drive a GT-R. Drop us a line if you come
to the Palm Beach Florida area. You can drive ours.

sinoperture says:

You’ve been in the states too long. You spelt it “tires” ROFL. 

daredevil7442 says:

yea….nice car but, i’m in CT and where is that runway???? i must know??


Well done! Looking forward to your other vids. Hopefully you get your
grubby-little-review-hands on an M2 once it’s released. I’d be really
interested in hearing your take it on it as compared to your old M3 and
current M4.

GustavLjungberg says:

I love the M4! But was your E92 manual or auto? The auto in the M4 is a
huge step up from the E92 or what do you think? :) 

Michael Renardson says:

Love the car but I think the darker wheel option would have looked great
and do you use the paddles as you sometimes drive manual cars?

Jaleed Ahmed says:

Did you ever drive an e46 m3?

Neezer D says:

Nick, a comment about your survey/dealer issue: I am not sure it’s flawed
mate. You mention that you don’t win if you submit the survey and don’t put
10s across the board, because “the dealer will hate you from that point
on”. Well, just like ratings on Amazon or eBay or on Zagat surveys…enough
“problematic” submissions will force the business owners to step up to the
plate by improving processes and service. If they don’t, they’ll continue
to get dinged and eventually more and more people will go to their
competitors…which YOU should do! You mentioned there are a few other BMWs
in your area that aren’t too far…so if you feel uncomfortable after
submitting your survey, jump ship! It’s not like your BMW free maintenance
4yrs / 50K miles is tied to any dealer!

qntt2002 says:

You used a Blade 450QX for the aerial footage? Very nice car!

SuperDigitalDanny says:

Great review as always :)
Just one question, do you leave your dash cam in your car when you park it

Thijs Kennis says:

Dear +Nick Murray, your video’s are great! However, although I truly love
your video’s, i still think you are a bit of an asshole! I have been
waiting and checking your channel daily since you posted your teaser video,
because i couldn’t wait for the BMW dog part, and it was completely left
out in the full video. I am truly dissapointed. If you’d have a survey, I
wouldn’t hesitate for a second to say bad things!

Sukun Paul says:

That sucks about your dealer :(, My dealer was awsome, they keep inviting
me to events like the i8 event after they sold me the car, and it was just
a 2014 320 for my gf, they still showed appreciation and great service

kezboy1 says:

I am really surprised by the exhaust note on your video compared to others.
As you said, and then give an example, The car DOES indeed sound good. But
then why does it sound like a scooter on a lot of other videos? I believe
you when you say it sounds good, but now I have to hear it in real life to
really know for sure. Great review! looking forward to more videos!

mrjost55 says:

Nick you did a wonderful video going into so much detail about the car.
Quick question, was the airfield footage filmed all by you?

Bryan Litan says:

+Nick Murray Lease or buy, and why?

chrrrr says:

Nick, did you read that you can hook up your gopro to the screen on the m4?

Ant says:

Tui looks bored as fuck or very relaxed.

bcartwright86 says:

another great video Nick! :)

more GORILLAS though

L412 says:

My god, how are you able to reply to every comment.

Andres Carrillo says:

can u do a video, showing all the equipment you use, really good quality 

Neezer D says:

Was that a choppah filming on the runway @ 7:20?!

Chris Foster says:

I think you were right on the US cars not having speed limiter. I’ve never
seen a US car with a speed limiter. 

Andrew Lin says:

Great review. And great format for your videos. Yes, you do talk a lot, but
it’s all very informative. Nice to get a “normal guy” review of how the car
performs on a daily basis rather than the expert reviews that sort of all
sound the same.

pidding557 says:

Hey Nick, I have a great joke for you!

Nick Zarnetske says:

I beg to differ on the 911 not being a comfortable car. I drove a 996 C2
back from Florida and it was awesome. Maybe it’s a matter of your age at
this point…

Krunal Rindani says:

Nick, do you plan on doing some motorbike reviews? 

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