BMW M4: Legend Reborn – XCAR

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The M3 Coupé might be no more but there is still a car out there for those who dreamed of owning one. The BMW M4 will now be the name of your dream car. We t…


647killa says:

Look at all the kids complaining about fake noise coming out the speakers
and the price tag. BMW is still the benchmark and every car company has to
come up with some sort of innovation to stay in the game, so BMW did what
they could whilst working around stupid emission and safety laws. The new
M3/M4 are still drivers cars at the end of the day, not just luxo-barges or
bruiser cruisers. Don’t like the sound, straight pipe it or go for the
aftermarket set-ups. I’m just glad BMW is sticking to the 50/50 weight
distribution, rear wheel drive, engine in the front, straight 6 engine (V8
was great too but straight 6 is more fitting), and best of all- still comes
with a proper manual gearbox. All these factors are why I would buy it,
despite the gimmicky speaker exhaust noise function. Plus, IMO in real life
the car does NOT sound as bad as it does in videos. Great review once again
XCAR and I think its fair to say that we need to give more time to the ///M
twins and they will soon be legend, like all the ///M cars. 

Riiiisc says:

I would buy a second hand low mileage Maserati Granturismo Sport instead.

anotherone10 says:

The exhaust sound I actually like, but the interior sound is a little
disappointing as it sounds fake, because it is. Instead of playing fake
engine sounds through the stereo, BMW should at least try piping induction
sound into the cabin as other manufactures have done. But the car does look
really nice and thank god for the manual option :)

Sandouras says:

To everyone whining about the noise, it’s not like BMW has a choice. The EU
has come down on car manufacturers to lower their consumption and
emissions, so even if some are still fighting it, they soon will alway
submit. 10 years later, the M4, the RS5 and the C-AMG will be something
like 3.0 L with 10 turbos and KERS.
It’s the future. Get used to it. 

João Soares says:

6:13 – 6:17 “It doesn’t sound so good that you’re gonna want to blip the
throttle and have a little bit of a play”. Dude, you’re driving a DCT M4 –
blipping the throttle isn’t exactly an option.

ianiva says:

The question is, will this be a legend like the E46 was? And I think the
answer is no. Also, in my opinion the M3 looks better.

Gangreen167 says:

Oh snap I thought the was a civic revving!.. 4:08

GTgameTime says:

Does not matter what any haters/trolls say, this was a great review and the
car is great too. BMW do not care either as they know the sales will speak
for themselves. If you are a true car nut you would appreciate how good
BMW’s have been and still are, even if you do prefer other

MotoPedia - UAE Car Review Show says:

I really liked your clip.

Ara J says:

let’s see how C63 AMG with the new 4.0L twin turbo V8 will do with 475 hp 

TrulyModernSensation says:

God I love BMW. I thought I’d hate this car because of the way they
molested the name and screwed with the lineage but no. They’ve won me over
yet again. There’s just some kind of magic over there in Munich… 

william wolfe says:

ugh another tacky bmw. what ever happened to the classics. sounds like

mrnpc2323 says:

I wish BMW would just throw a 500-600HP M4 to compete with all these silly

gokii polat says:

i have an e92m3, and i have to say im dissapointed, my money will now go on
a c63

Lord Twaddle says:

One word I’d use to describe this car.


We already have an M3, we don’t need a renamed version. 

Alex Metzger says:

I test drove one a few weeks ago at a BMW special invitation day in
Herefordshire and the car is absolutely mad when you gun for it but its a
lovely drive and a great drivers car!

Robert Tinsey says:

Lol at BMW saying they already make super cars. 

Porsche Curves says:

I don’t see why BMW is having trouble with their exhaust notes to be

Adrian . says:

Where was this filmed? I didn’t think the UK had huge mountains like that.

acvwest1 says:

I think unfortunately BMW just handed sales to AMG and Audi in that price
range for those who want a German V8. There is no substitute for that. I’m
so glad in anticipation of this turbo 6, I bought my E92 with that glorious
V8 in 2012 as a collectible. Don’t care about the chart numbers. the E92
looks, better, sounds better and with the right driver, is at no real
dissadvantage to the “M4.” The M3/M4 should start with a V8, turbo like the
M5, or naturally aspirated. The 1M could keep the 6 Maybe BMW will wake up
if sales fall and bring back a modified V8 version in the future at about
500 hp. I know different strokes, but I hate what they did to this car. I’d
buy a Vette or Z28 over this. Big jump to an M5.

donkeydicked says:

BMW , Because they are using silly little engines pretending they have more
power …. Lexus RCF slays a m4 dead … Long live a proper V8 

Ruggero Weston Olivieri says:
drivelinetime says:

Didn’t you forgot to mention ‘Comfort’ mode? (I may be wrong)

Alex Araldi says:

what about the prices? for example top M3 vs top M4

lifelessperson1993 says:

Perfect now I can drive my M4 to the shooting range to try out my new M4…

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