BMW M4 maxed out on 1,000-mile road trip

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Mat Watson takes the new BMW M4 on a 1000-mile review, taking on the Austrian mountains, an autobahn and even the Nurburgring. Subscribe to our YouTube chan…


analanalyst says:

put an aftermarket exhaust on that and it will sound incredible

Krunal Rindani says:

Why were the words “God” and “Jesus Christ” censored? 

1seipai says:

No BMW with a non naturally aspirated engine is a true M car, that’s what
set them apart, the purity of the engine. Sadly the M car is dead. The E6x
and E9x were the last M cars. 

zuze1991 says:

Bmw died when last E30 was built.

Rufuzz Bum says:

Does anyone can tell me why “My God” and “Jesus Christ” are masked at 12:25
??? Are you fucking kidding me? You masked it because of what? It offense
muslims? This is sick.

Johnny Wrong says:

Much like the new M5 the fake engine sound makes it sounds a bit like a
video game when you drive hard. Shame. BMWs are better, prettier cars, in
my opinion, but Mercs sound so GOOOOOOOOOD.

Brandon Silvera says:

Just change the exhaust. If you can afford the car, you can afford an
aftermarket exhaust. I hope.

dailyforman says:

engine sound through the speakers? bema… you lost me… It used to be a
good brand some time ago.

zubayn sandhu says:

Make a video of thus car vs Mercedes-Benz S class coupe.

Jasper Chang says:

I’m a really big m car fan. But man…this car doesn’t really sound like a
$60k-$80k sports car….

Luc Verhoeven says:


TheBeofox says:

At 10:45 did he notice the porsche macan?

BaSiC47 says:

8:14 another non-german retard on the left lane

Chris Nolan says:

Why is he repeatedly comparing the M4 with the old M3? They are 2 different
cars from the same manufacturer so not exactly worth comparing.

SilverWave says:

Austria! <3 :)

anythingyouwant29 says:

Great video! Can you tell us if you managed to get flashed along the way? 

Alfred Munkenbeck says:

What’s with this colour? Is BMW’s entire press fleet of M4s in this colour?
“You can borrow our car on the condition that you take it in baby sick
green, enjoy.”

DFKnightmare says:

14:55….that’s what she said

klown007 says:

is there a way of gettin rid of the engine sound from the speakers? 

Wilson Tsang says:

@4:40 LMAO I nearly spat out my drink!

moonc4lf says:


Tar yk says:

I can´t take serious this man, a man eating haribo´s shit. sorry…

VtwinVlogster says:

My SV650S is still quicker than this and it only cost me £2k

Karol Petrowicz says:

curse, what is wrong with you Britain??

Mike A. says:

7:52….not what I expected.

mustsilm says:

LOL 10:10

snodderz96 says:

The m4 in that colour is seriously fucking sexy!

Michal Pravenec says:

great channel and vids….subcribed

wparo says:

fiiiiiiine I’ll buy one

ki flex says:

sounds like shit ..mate…

GaryDoctor1 says:

M4 Sounds better than that crap Brummy voice. Lol

KingPNW says:

“I love Germany, I love German cars.” I laughed along with him, that
maniacal laugh that powerful German cars so often provoke. Another great
video, Auto Express!

Jack says:

I thought these cars has a 155mph limiter. I guessing not the case for the
new model line. 

bartek110489 says:

Why God and Jesus Christ is BEEP?

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