BMW M4 review

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Along with the latest BMW M3 saloon, the BMW M4 marks probably the biggest step change in the history of this iconic performance car. Read our full review he…


ianiva says:

It’s interesting some other reviewers said different things. Mainly that
they’re disappointed by the engine and its character. I guess the last
great M3 was the E46.

647killa says:

Awesome to look at, great interior for a BMW, pure in its form of
turbocharging a straight 6 engine, and is available with a manual gearbox.
An awesome formula for a driver’s car, SO WHY IS THERE FAKE NOISE THEN ?? I
mean people were gonna take off the stock exhaust for like a Dinan exhaust
or Akropovic anyways…come on BMW…everything is so well done so why ruin
it with something like that. Regardless, BMW making some cracking cars this
year such as the M235i. 

future62 says:

Shame about the engine. I almost wish they had gone with a mild hybrid + NA
setup instead

CarsFan says:

Only 4 minutes for an all-new M car??!!
Thats just disappointing…

john hunter says:

who wants fake sound anyway ?

Johnny Wrong says:

The fake engine noise is what puts me off the current M5, and now this too.
Shame. Otherwise they’re far nicer cars than their Merc equivalents, but
DAMN the Mercs sound GOOOOOOD.

n777ua says:

He’s cute 

PS Warrior says:

ill take one in white, black , grey or blue :)

MIke Mancino says:

it seems that a lot of car reviews are not in love with the sound. the old
V8 wasnt the most torque fulled engine, nor did it get good MPG. BUT that

John Rambo says:

fuck anything that is turbocharged and synthetic like the M4.

Samzilla says:

Electric steering, c’mon bmw you’re better than that! You want real sound?
Get a e92 or a e46 m3 or even a 335i e9x 

JamesJDMoe says:

omg this BMW M4 is LOVE <3

TeK RaVeN says:

I rather stick with the 2009-2013 M3 V8

Ioanides001 says:

thank GOD this wasn’t yet another M4 review where all I can see is the car
drifting. However, I’m still disappointed on this M car, drifting or not

David Bana says:

This guy Is boring how he get this job. I bet it was a woman being his
recruiter and thinks he’s cute. My lord!!

DeltaPhi79 says:

“You can tell” that there’s fake sound? No kidding. Sounds a bit like a V8
from the inside when it’s a straight 6.

ECHLN says:

I love this car

lambosuperl says:

Sorry, but this review was way too short for such big news :/

kezboy1 says:

do a review of the M3. 

Kushal Betgov says:

beautiful car hopefully they change that exhaust note and make a csl
version but i doubt it BMW has already said that they have made the m3 and
m4 as light as possible, but m4 csl would be epic, no radio, no satnav, no
back seats, just a very light car and an M driver

youngprankster94 says:

Such an ugly car, then again, what do you expect from such a shit make like
BMW that produces endless crap…Mercedes all the wayyy!! :))

chris .Mati says:

First + 1 like ;)

Chrstian mrclep says:

Such an importen car! 

Martin Bang Olesen says:

whats wrong with his hands?

Andy Esho says:

I would never pay 70k for a car that has a 3.0 engine. What a joke!!

Kristoffer P says:

“Its quite difficukt to make a turbocharged engine sound good.”
Just ask Alfa, they cracked the code with the 4c

Mark Rhoades says:

Out of everything BMW does masterfully you people bitch about the synthetic
engine sound? Such a pity you consider yourself “car people”, the whole is
greater than the sum of it’s parts and all together this car is a leap
forward for the brand and segment. You people bash the car for an
underwhelming sound but will support Mercedes’s and their shit
transmissions and terrible dynamics, and Audi with their god awful under
steer and lackluster performance. Every car/brand has their strengths and
weaknesses and if the worst part about this car is the sound, I think then
it’s a pretty damn good performance car.

Sean Cymru says:

Very disappointed with the fake sound…BMW what were you thinking???

gentlemonsterkennels says:

Dang! I just did the math. I would save $7240 in 200k miles on gas on an m4
compared to my 2012 5.0. When u factor in cost of car and maintenance, it’s
not worth it (for me). I know a bmw is superior. It’s a bmw. Sweet ass
looking and performing m4 though. This thing is beast (and I love v8s)

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