BMW M4 v Lexus RC F Review |

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German giant takes on Japanese newcomer in the battle for performance coupe bragging rights.


hawkesworth1712 says:

I was surprised he mentioned the road noise in the BMW because, in the
video, the Lexus was definitely the noisiest. says:
2005jgkay says:

Lexus for life

N.C. says:

133,000 for a japanese car?

MaZEEZaM says:

Ive never been much of a fan of BMW but that lexus looks great, reminds me
of the high class Jags.

Максим Интерлинк says:

LEXUS навсегда! 

Guillermo Guille says:

Thank you for the objective review, well done LEXUS!

Dee Jay says:

The Lexus’s front grill looks like the mouth of predator, and those LED
strips under the headlights look like wrinkles under it’s eyes..
Those stacked pipes look off to me too

Beauty is in the eye if the beholder though I suppose….

Francis Smith says:

I drove both these cars on the track last year, both had great sounding
exhaust notes and have nice firm rides… I really like the RCF, Lexus has
come out with a really good car, but if I had the money I’d go for the M4

Javon K says:

Lexus had to pay you guys because there was nothing positive said about the
M4, yet you were praising the RCF.

Rahul Maharaj says:


James May says:

Probably the most honest review on both cars.

We’ll do e

Jort Rinket says:

M4 is much better.

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