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The BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition has been built to celebrate three decades of the M Division’s super saloon. We take it for a spin. Find us on Facebook: Visit the…


Telegraph Cars says:

Our latest video review is now live, and it’s of the BMW M5 30 Jahre
Edition. Quite some car…

Aristotelis Mitsiou says:

Any 15 plated cars? And is that a metallic paint? Looks cool!

Gergely Kondás says:

Cool car, but a more dynamic music would match to this car much better!

g00dfeeling says:

Regular F11 would be enough for me. Adore 5 series touring.

Alex Cockram says:

Still looks like a 520d M-Sport.
Missed a trick with not making a touring version!

234b5463 24fh73j says:

i like your shiny head

Lewis72 says:

I have to contest that the E28 M5 was the first real super-saloon. I accept
that there may be others but the 1959 Mk2 Jaguar was available with the 3.8
XK engine from the racing Jaguar, with 190bhp in this application.

I have a ’99 E39 M5. When it was new, it cost £59,995 !!!
I didn’t pay that.

Neil Joseph says:

Great review, Chris – overpriced, but it’s one beast of a car! 

Ioanides001 says:

boring review – very. you could review in exactly the same way a 520d.
and what on earth is with that country music??

MRsjovealek says:

You would get alot more views if you reviewed cars that people can actually

hyylo says:


BMW > still using technology invented 150 years ago.

lffit says:

using restraint on a wet road with a RWD is known!
But with 600 hp watch out!

Osama GG says:

I fell asleep during this review, seriously the way he talks and the music
are just bad


that is the car my friend, not that “convertible” version you tried to
sell. Man, you were compressed like sardine behind the wheel. And look at
you now. Like Bruce Wayne

UzzyFuzzyy says:


Ganooster Moppy says:

What’s with the opening Christmas jingle, followed by semi-hillbilly music!

wolimSe says:

I would rather to go with M550d xDrive than any other M5 version.

sully sole says:

I seriously find this guy really boring

Surf Shop says:

Does The Telegraph only own 1 camera because the Internal camera view just
flushed the whole feel of this show, down the drain…

Yung Dro says:

This car is rare and expensive if you own one keep it one sold in the USA
for 300K+

MrKhaniV says:

The music is kinda annoying

Johan Littorin says:

Never liked the matte exterior trend, hopefully it will be dead soon.

TheKmc121 says:

The reviewer guy looks pretty darn special too… 

Chainsaw Dude says:

why is Karl Pilkington presenting this?

youngprankster94 says:


berserkerx7 says:

“When I first drove this M5 I had my reservations, and that was because due
to the turbo it made the rear wheel feel a bit lively!”

Yeah! You really wouldn’t want a lively M5. That would be dreadful!

TheEryk03 says:

Beautiful beast

Jack Brand says:

Good Review. Short, sweet, and to the point

Jason Lee says:

what is this music……………………..

Jamie Pickles says:

I like BMW M5 30 Jahre review | TELEGRAPH CARS

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