BMW M5 700 mile review – Auto Express

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Join Auto Express on a 700-mile roadtrip from Spain to the UK in a new BMW M5. Subscribe to Auto Express magazine and get 6 issues for £1 plus a free gift: h…


nkey says:

best job on the world.. test driver

Danilo Drašković says:

Really Mat. Comparing 520d and M1 with M5????

trainzandtrombones says:

Audi S4, £30,000 cheaper with the same performance.

Theo Harrison says:


Oliver Bock-Brown says:

Mat Watson’s reviews are the best. This time it’s an M5.

53mickael says:

I love the end !!

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd. says:

BMW M5 700 mile review – Auto Express

rossakabossakarozay says:

117 euros is not bad. It’s 100 euros to fill the tank of my 2002 316ti here
in Finland :D petrol costs around 1,6 euros/litre…

Jason La says:

Why does US no have trains that store cars!!?…

Syimir Asyraf says:

Matt go back to carbuyer!

Toby Carter says:

I own one of these as a daily driver and love it, it costs a lot to run but
its an M5, its comfortable, quick, carries the family and provides
interesting driving in the dry and wet! Awesome car which I can’t think of
a better replacement! :)

Duron13 says:

From 3:00 to 3:20 Mat is in Bordeaux, France. Ok nobody cares but since
it’s where I live I was surprised to recognize the city. :D

CycoWarriorx says:

Real… Very true… If you’re buying an M5, you’re not getting it for fuel

romy05y says:

Hi’s no fun for Top Gear. Is not a Clio, you are supposed to have some fun,
make a little show with the car. Very poor review. M1+525 instead of M5,
you joking :)

JETZcorp says:

Man, it must be strange to live in a place where a 5-series is a big car
that gets to boss other cars around. Where I live, if you have a Ram 1500
4×4, you still stand a very good chance of coming across something that
makes you go, “Holy shit, better not fuck with THAT.”

shsh89 says:

There you are Matt…now i can stop searching for you!

Bryan Usrey says:

Fuel bill is insane.

dude3sasha says:

this guy looks TINY at the start of the video next to BMW, either the beast
has grown drastically or he’s shrank

Timothy Nguyen says:

Mat I found you!!! Why’d u leave carbuyer?

thug898 says:

then what are you doing here ?

dvcbuis says:

@x3roluv but what makes u ‘deserve’ them ? cause u are able to ride them
faster? because u will drive em more fast on the public roads? because u go
to a trackday more often? dont forget that bmw’s are about best of both
worlds: theyre really fast on the track but also very practical so dont
hate on ppl driving em in the cities…. for all u know they go to the
nurburgring every weekend.

beachbum0014 says:

There you are, Mat!

200208195 says:

@MrRiddicules No harm in that. I’m not gonna tell you how to live your
life. However, the M5 is like no other 5 series. I can only base my
statement off the E60 M5 vs the E60 530i, and there is a huge difference.
Regarding the F10 M5, some say it feels like a completely different model,
completely unrelated. Then again, I’d say most who can afford an F10 M5 can
afford to buy “a sporty little devil” as well.

baujahr90er says:

great reviewer really

JELH says:

What a crap conclusion. If I can afford a BMW M5, why should I buy a 520d
and an 1M? It’s stupid. Anyone who can afford an M5 wouldn’t even consider
that as an option. But then again this Auto Express and they are generally
full of the proverbial word that begins with S and ends with hit.

kedde1 says:

Dafuq did he just do with the fillercap, put it in the slot and not let it
bang around on the paint!

Rhodrijm says:

Does every car have a holder for the cap? I had no idea they existed, I’ve
just been letting it drop haha

David Warrener says:

the reason why it $220 to fill up is because UK fuel prices are fucking
ridiculous! it is $10 a gallon here, and its all because our government are
robbing bastards! most of it is tax!

Kendrick Z says:

@gmax876 thats cos fuel in US is dirt cheap, relatively… and everyone is
still grumbling about it.

dilawer321 says:

This guy is ment to be a car reviewer and he doesnt know you should let a
turbo car run for a bit before you drive it, lol feel sorry for whoever
buys this car unless the turbo goes before the warranty runs out

Mrwalruz1 says:

Matt Rules!!!

TheFerruccio says:

117 euros ;)

rscosworthfan says:

at 1.41 i had to re-listen i thought he swore lol

ross46x says:


rassan gaedi says:


Phungurific says:

is that google map at 4:09 ?

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