BMW M5 (E60) Tested by Tiff Needell (Fifth Gear)

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Tiff Needell goes to the South of France to test the new BMW M5 on the streets of the Le Mans circuit and on a high speed circuit.


Hass Tahir says:

I prefer this m5 to the new m5. I dont like the new m5 because i just
simply hate that twin turbo v8! I absolutly love the old v10 in the old m5.
Please BMW bring back the old v10? Please?

Melvin Chong says:

Jeremy entertains while Tiff informs. 

Bruce Wayne says:

amazing that you can pick a good one up for under £20k now

Shane Earley says:

As much as I loveTop Gear I think Tiff is the best automotive reviewer, no
messing around or silly bullshit, just straight to the point. His review of
this M5 was miles better than Clarkson’s.

MrBulletpoint says:

I wish theyd ditch the idiotic, junk food, contrived, retarded nonsense
that is the current Top Gear; switch back to the old style, sack Clarkson
and hire Tiff. His reviews are so much better. Clarkson is full of shit. 

john smiths says:

tiff needel is the man!

mrzkhan1 says:

Isn’t this the exact same M5 used in Top gear’s episode?

Sabelo Madonsela says:

Thumbs up if you love the first 50 seconds of this video

sergey Boglyukov says:

This is the best car in the world in my opinion !!!)))

ssonsk says:

Tiff is awesome

Quazi83 says:

SMG gearbox’s are shit!!!!!!!

Kyle Jensen says:

Best E60 M5 review ever. Tiff rocks!!

FireVortex720 says:

You can get this now for a fifth of the price

bmwexer says:

German beauty of art!

Christian Mayfield says:

My family has one of these and it is really amazing

Lewis72 says:

@ 3:49 God, it sounds like thunder :-) @ 4:24 That’s probably open EGR
that’s making that row. The styling of these seems far better now than it
did in ’03. Still a close call on this Vs E39. iDrive sucks. I also love
Jags. :-)

persianboy153 says:

He looks like me

Traingineer says:

Tiff always liked this car where Jeremy only now likes it. BMW M5 is an
awesome 4 door super car

stepheng1483 says:

@IDaedalus You can’t beat having the paper in your hand.

jabagryz says:

idi naxyi )))

COSRacerM says:

You can still buy the E60 M5 on eBay. Literally!

robbie1490 says:

I am so getting one of these. You can get a used one for about 27,000 USD
here. It’s number 1 on my list to get.

SC14 says:

@alek908 you’re a clown just like fatass clarkson.Funny =/= best. Former
racing driver that knows what hes talking about = best.

wiigamer136 says:

Its more gun to drive in my opinion though…

Dryzaum says:

@Rangeroversport12 Obviously, he is a professional.

25trajcer says:

how many litres for 100km ??

WaArTeZz says:

well on 300 km/h, the revs are high.

Lance Coleman says:

Tiffany Dell :D

75cammo says:

Fifth Gear isnt as good as Top Gear but Tiff whips Clarkson (and Plato)
into space. Clarkson is a dick these days but thinks hes king. Tiff knows!
Check the double-apex powerslide. Godlike! ///M5 rocks

stepheng1483 says:

@MrLW25 Top gear has been dumbed down to the level of a moron.

Adam f says:

Tiff should join the 21st Century. Google Maps.

chopper82p says:

have you driven the e60 m5 smg?

n00bSLicer says:

The 6MT has a habit of overheating and the ratios are all wrong, since it
was just pulled from the previous gen M5.

metraian says:

better driver than jeremy

MrLW25 says:

@stepheng1483 Right, tell that to 400m people worldwide.

t3cnopower says:

No way…

Lewis72 says:

Well, the E39 M5, as it has a thunderous engine and goes like stink !! The
E60 is getting too big and doesn’t seem to be as easy to navigate as the
E39s.. However, I do like the look of the E60 and does give a “keeping up
with the Jones’ ” image.

ollieflp says:

@Djwatzy I would just get a job if i were you :D

wiigamer136 says:

Which one is the most fun to drive in your opinion?

bobolimasterflex says:

you can program all of your favorite settings such as power, dampers, and
differential the way you want in the m button. So you can go from soft to
race mode for everything without having to push 10 buttons haha

Jack O'Neill says:

not likely

Alex2265 says:

@Djwatzy you crazy man

ollieflp says:

@joshun28 sack that bro i would never buy a car from a show room even if i
was a millionaire you lose too much on them and there over priced

Jose A says:

I dare anyone to try that @ 5:54 with a Merc or an VW Audi.

thackerjb says:

I own this beautiful car and love it every day is a blast!

Christopher Mercer says:

M3 is no competition for the IS-F.

alek908 says:

@bcatz454 you stupid idiot clarkson is the funniest man alive

ihavethelynx says:

Only £25k now. Either this or an RS4?

Corey Cameron says:

M5 + V10 engine = ///M-Power

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