BMW M5 F10 review / rijtest

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The Twinpower Turbo new BMW M5 is the most powerful ever. It has 560 hp and a sprint to 100 km/h can be done in 4.4 seconds! Via…


Scott Relerford says:

lol dude that is just solo trippy it doesn’t sound like it could be a
language :-D Amazing! oh the car too

Christian van Ekeris says:

Kerel, wat ben je irritant met je nasale stem, je gebrek aan humor en je
kinderachtige maniertjes…
Filmpjes zijn niet te kijken zo… 

Islam Tsygarov says:

its dutch you retarded HI29004

Nik says:

@dastyx Oh and after listenin to this for a while, this is the worst
fucking language I’ve ever heard, no wonder half your population are

d1mon92 says:

what is the name of the SONG at the begining :D pls help :D ?

Tyrone Jackson says:

How is this a muscle car?

manuel grönecke says:

was babbelt der da??

070DENNIS070 says:

naam van het nummer in het begin ?

HI29004 says:

thats fucking germany you idiot not dutch -.- its GERMANY.

Enzo393 says:

Isn’t autoblog from America? Why don’t they speak English?!

KJCurtis6595 says:

i just owned this car in a race with an 2004 BMW 330i sedan with the
dealer’s performance package and no after market coming home from school
with 80 lb of back packs and books in the trunk

toxik217 says:

well that just goes to show the m5 didn t really floor it..

mymarkis666 says:

Lmfao it’s true as well.

royalclub148 says:

Lol you’re dumb, this is a dutch video XD

Juan Jose Rincon says:

i honestly hate this gay idiot

Draggis92 says:

@dastyx how can you even care about all the people hating? get over it! The
dutch language is, and will forever be hilarious :)

CriticalHardware says:

Learn dutch!!!

Endohmassato says:

Is that Dutch? sounds like that..

sokrutu says:

he is just complaining about the people that come to a dutch video and then
argue about the language. maybe read the comment carefully next time…

Dragon Chiller says:

What about M6 GPower ? Lot more powerfull

Nicolas P says:


scorpioplatinum says:

@M45Sebring Thats absolute right haha

Savagenerds says:

Lambos? Hahaha over priced much.

Peter Parker says:


Jacob TheCat says:

It’s Sims language IRL.

KerryDoan says:

if i wanted this music i would go to a club

Yannick Broers says:

waarom is het alsof die voorlichten steeds knip ogen? (sexy XD)

Firemarioflower says:

How could you just mock our language like that have you no heart? We love
english you know!

motorhead10 says:

me no understand fuck it haah

gianhet says:

I really prefer the sound of AMG engines ^^

OhMyGosh ItsRonaldeu says:

@awoodhiqe click on cc on the left of 360p, then you will get english

NBz0r says:

You do know that the M5 F10 has a turbo right? Fucking faggot.

Kavaldi AK says:

Asa vorbeste asa zici ca are muie-n gura :)))

blizzardxc1 says:

i want one please god!!!!

dastyx says:

I just think its childish and ignorant to take the piss. However you don’t
really care what i think!

taxableabe says:

What is this? A car review by a SIMS character?

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