BMW M5 is NOT what you think! Drive review

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BMW M5 is NOT what you think! Drive review. NEW Ducati Superleggera: More European bikes(Aprilia/MV Agusta/Ducati…


Carlyle's Picks says:

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Carlyle's Picks says:

Well done BMW! You have defied physics. Luxury and sport in extreme

Carlyle's Picks says:

I listened to this and I think I misspoke and may confuse some of you. My
analogy was that BMW tricked consumers into buying a sports car by making
them think the M5 was a luxury car. However, I was saying they too such
meticulous effort into making it seem like a luxury car that it essentially
is one.

Imagine pretending to be a doctor. At some point if you try TOO hard by
learning as much as you can about being a doctor…eventually what’s the
difference between your illusion and the real thing?

In other words, like as if by way of some black magic of some sort, they
somehow made a HEAVY luxury car ready for the race track and ready to get
your hear racing. Maserati tried to do this with some advanced technology
but with the car STILL feeling like a heavy luxury car. The M5 on the other
hand does not feel like a 2900LB Porsche BUT it feels WAY lighter and
competent than any car of this weight should feel. BMW says “the only way
to get handling is with light weight?? HAHAHA!! You FOOL!! HAHAHA”. That
about sums it up!

rtcmanga says:

Thanks for the nice review of the BMW M5 from 2008!! I haven’t watched one
about this car! The whole concept of BMW in my eyes is to produce those
sports car performance cars in a common family sedan style… :) I have
driven a couple of different BMW 5 series and I was always disappointed
about the slow acceleration from 0 as you said. The car is so heavy that it
misses a lot agility. The other reason why the transmission concept is like
this is that BMW cars are built for the Autobahn. So the engine power can
be used for really high speeds, while american cars need only to reach
their 65 miles. So they can combine it with a transmission that puts all
the power into the sprint from 0 to something! ;)
We had the luck to drive a BMW M5 F10 (model 2012) for a weekend, watch our
drive experience on the empty Autobahn with up to 167 mph (270 km/h) while
everyone else was watching the european soccer championship at home… ;)

Serxhio Cami says:

Sorry but did you realize you have to press the M button on the steering
wheel to engage S6 mode or P500 sport mode? Looks like you were in all
normal settings

Rico Suave says:

What flavor was your Naked juice?

dansterwerecool says:

FlossyCarters M5 is probably the most insane one on youtube hands down

Motorcycle Extremist says:

Looks like you had some fun! :)

Shehryar Ehtesham says:

I definitely miss the v10 sound of this car that the new one lacks :( 

JonFFavale says:

Honestly love your videos. There’s just something about your commentary
style and personality that draws me in. Keep up the good work!

promodelred says:

Dude everyone who buys this car knows it’s a sports car hahahah… it’s a

Charles freemen says:

You don’t no what your talking about just shut the fuck up and stick to
your 4 speed focus you don’t deserve to drive a BMW. A BMW is a sport
luxury vehicle whether its a ///M or not there all quick and can be tuned
to your liking. ” Fraud” boy STFU You love this e60 Bmw M5 you wish you
could afford something that nice don’t ever make another review for a BMW

Ryan Mcvey says:

Great video! My dads a huge fan of BMW’s! He’s got few of them, but nothing
with a kick like this beast!

Lucas Henrique says:

sexy m5

VaZeTron says:


Lucas Henrique says:

sexy m5

Lucas Henrique says:

sexy m5

Charles freemen says:

Do a review on the 135i i Guarantee you,you will enjoy it more then the e60
my bad bro i apologize for my ignorance. It just makes me mad when i drive
a BMW everyday and you say its fraud like they build shit trash cars i
think you should reword and remake this video how ever. I have a BMW M5 E39
for my everyday driver and for 5 years haven’t had one problem and tbh it
has well over 189.k still runs like i just got it yesterday. ALL IM SAYING


Check out this video on YouTube:

Chase Pollard says:


Carlyle's Picks says:

Is the BMW M5 a FRAUD? What secret hides beneath the metal?

NikeTreADz says:

What happened to your M5 badge?

Joe Kerry says:

Its a car very desired by sports car enthusiasts; when i hear the v10 and
see one, I scream.

Zade Jweinat says:

hey man great work!!!!…. i have the same car and its a beast and a lot of
fun to drive!!!…..can u do a M5 f10 review and compare it to this one!!!
I’m thinking about buying the new one but i have mixed emotions about the
v8 twin turbo engine and if its as fun to drive as this v 10 monster!!!

Chris Claypool says:

No shit it’s a luxury car its BMW!!!! your titles are so childish!

Arthur Sperotto says:

I always viewed the M5 as a (very) sporty sedan, it’s got a V10 for crying
out loud! But what you said in the video just emphasized it’s awesomeness
even more! Basically a 5,000 pound sedan that drives like a 3,000 pound
sports car. What’s not to love?
All the best!
Arthur. says:

The M5 is the best saloon full stop! Its exactly what drivers want! High
performance ferrari and lambo chaser that you can carry your family in and
drive to work! Then you can hit the sport modes when on your own and toally
tear your face off with it!! Then go to shopping!! Love that “its not what
you think factor” about this car!!

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