BMW M5 Road Test Part 1 – Top Gear – BBC

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Part one of two. The BMW M5 boasts a 500bhp V10 engine and the performance to shame most supercars but how will Jeremy fare with its vast number of technolog…


BMW M Power says:

Song at 2:28: Nine Inch Nails – At The Heart of it All

Kevin Kuka says:

Why dose it say 500 bhp in the wrighting

jordan lowes says:

Stupid video best car you can get.if it wasn’t for the gas but still 19mpg
not bad for this nice car

C6Fever says:

A friend of mine has had his 530 e60 for a few years now. He can not
operate the climate controle while he is driving cuz it’s too complicated.
Btw, he knows the car inside out and is a computer engineer.

BMW M Power says:

How can you say it is an ugly car… Its beautifull…
He is just hating this car and no love.

spiderali97 says:

This is the best M5 there is.

Songyang Duanmu says:

British, British… You Can Not just accept that the German made a nice
CAR, could you?

Gitahi Munyeria says:

Part 1 make sure you watch Part 2 as well

James Jin says:

In the 2010 idrive computer in bmws it’s not that complicated and bad 

SuperVorbild says:

It is true that the brits try and pull down german energniering..
Bmw makes good relyable cars

Tom C says:

The new m5 m6 sucks no v10

yous mugs says:

i had one of these for about a year n go fed up with it gotta 360 modena
now much better

Hazar Türkiye says:

4:35 Rape Face for sure xD

Mircea Jemna says:

about radio, navigation, and gearbox = a lie. you can do what ever you want
with it, it just takes 1 or 2 spteps more. 

Bas Pouwels says:

I just think this m5 is the most beautiful car there is! I love the bmw m5

Mirza Muchamad says:

it is the best M5 they have ever made,this car makes BMW confuse how to
make the next generation is better

Kole Page says:

Not ugly 

lmsvvavr says:

too many wrong information… like for example the sat nav voice can’t be
turned off… which is not true! And some other things he says…
but like some one said, this is only half of the video… in the end he
makes the fair judgment of the car…

Mikey B says:

Song name at 2:53?

usu15550 says:

Well, Jeremy is just getting a bid old and stupid. The notion that the
navigation woman could not be turned off, or the indicator will not self
cancel is of course rubbish. Just as well as the button he pressed was NOT
the volume button….

If he struggles with this little technology then he must be crying every
day while using his i-phone….

Jason Strus says:

What is wrong with all the technology? It is there. Why not take advantage
of it? 

Austin Peck says:

It is probably my Favorite m5 of all time.

zoezoe610 says:

Obviously doesn’t like BMWs

At8000RPM . says:

The E60 is not an ugly car in my eyes. I do not understand why other people

MrBusunglueck says:

most of the stuff jeremy is moaning about here is completely made up.
indicator stalk will self cancel. sat nav women can easily be turned off.
the radio is totally easy to operate. dont know why but hes always doing
this with bmws.

blind man says:

I already laugh at the beginnig , jeremy said ” The new 5 series is an ugly
car ” XD

Igor K says:

Biased video. It’s an excellent car!

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