BMW M5 video review

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The all-new BMW M5 produces a mind-numbing 552bhp from its twin-turbocharged V8 engine. That’s enough to launch the 1870kg super-saloon to 62mph in just 4.5 …


Alaatin61 says:

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Ben Floro says:

Nice bit of drift at the end.

Firman Siahaan says:

BMW is lovely 

David Hu says:

Still a Proper Lunatic’s Car!

BMW M5 video review feature by

BMWX1M says:

this m5 can hit 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, it was tested on motor trend

Victor Yeung says:

The new ///M3 should be the nuts.

Aon Lazio says:

Who care about the utter useless engine details? It’s a pussy magnet!

1802samuel says:


Пьяный Ватник! Всех победим! says:

#1 Luckey grandpa. One my good friend bought 3 years old BMW Z4 2.0 with
just 5000 miles on it. It was a bargain for half the price of a new one.
Owning it two years he spend about 8000 Euros on maintanance. Then he say
“fu*k it, I am selling it”. He got him self, again, 3 years old 530d. Year
after he sold it beacause he replaced turbine twice, plus front suspention
problems. In one year it was neary 4000 Euro… Story does not end here…
read next…

rocker85675 says:

this american bought a 800hp supercharged camaro.

silexent says:

@medz91xc I drive a 2006. I admit “torqueless” is strong, but not far off.
The E60’s first sign of life is actually ~240 lbs-ft, and not until
~2,500rpm. Add a small tank (ergo horrible range), MPG that constantly
misses the teens in town and a dated SMG, and you get an less than
endearing *urban* driving experience – regardless of the V10′s glory on
highways. Frustrating. Agreed, the E60’s note is way sweeter than the
F10’s; but compared to the the Carrera GT & Lexus LFA, BMW missed the mark.

William B says:


judgebygod says:

If you cant hear the exhaust then all u have to do is put your windows down

benni co says:

Because he wrote “gay”

Verliebt says:

@silexent even just the ehaust notes, and it’s still stupid to compare. the
exhaust in 4 door saloon is designed to be as silent as it can, because a 4
door saloon must be comfortable before it’s fast. 2-door supercars must
first be fast before they are comfortable or quiet inside. you will never
see cars from such totally opossed categories to sound the same or handle
the same.

jcdeaux says:

@gregboyds1 ye I have never herd so much fuckin bullshit in all my life so
what the fuck is ur problem fucker

CycoWarriorx says:

Ok this or a Porsche Panamera Turbo?? Lol

207 Sport says:

mmmmm…roads in Ronda, Malaga, Spain!

Verliebt says:

@silexent the best sedan in the world is the rolls royce phantom. you are
just foolish to expect a 4 door saloon to be as sporty as 2 door supercars
with more bhp. i for one dont compare to cars like that.

Пьяный Ватник! Всех победим! says:

@logelamutp and? i dont see people queuing to buy Veyron! I wonder why???
Oh, yes, because it cost TWO MILLION EURO! P.S. what does it mean “faster
on the road”? Bike is even faster “on the road” then any car. Or we talking
about the track? Maybe famous Nurburgring? But GTR is faster there even
then Veyron… So you suck dickhead! :D

cookiehead2 says:

thumbs up for turbos!

IrrepressibleGuile says:

nive review man, I watched about 3 crappy reviews before seeing this one.

cadrolls says:

Cadillacs have been beating BMWs for awhile now. They will be in the future

cadrolls says:

I wonder why the BMW comes with cheap plastic while the Cadillac comes with
premium imported leather from Italy? I guess cheap people like cheap things.

Adrian Gruhn says:

Actually the 0-60 time is the same as my 2013 Audi S6 at 3.7 seconds.
Manufactuer numbers are always conservative.

benni co says:

Or type in Google: BMW 5 series door panel… Stop to talking trash!

benni co says:

That is your own invented shit, american cars are crap in compare to a
german car. Cadillac isnt approximately so good like BMW… so you dont
need to copy and paste your unproven trash! No way to repair the BMW
without Caddilac? Biggest shit i ever heard!

YoitsSteveO says:

Still doesn’t answer why they play it through the speakers. Every bmw has a
sporty emphasis compared to the German rivals, why I prefer them over
instead of spending R&D on performance, they made it a more livable car
with 30% more fuel efficiency, more comfortable, more gadgets etc. It’s not
even close to a great a leap the e34->e39->e60 all were

benni co says:

So, your message is reported. Idiot. We are talking about cars, not about
your personal physical disorders.. from where did you get that SHIT? Stop
to talking about your psysisch sick stories, idiot.. Maybe GM do this!
41.000€ for a CTS, and it sucks in compare to BMW 3 Series! So your
american shit is overpriced! The interior quality is bad, Cadillac service
is bad, Cadillac cars are garbage boxes! German cars are the best, your
american shit cant beat Lada, so shut up!

R-C-MAN says:

Your a moron open the window

YoitsSteveO says:

Well why do they play engine noise through the speakers? Because the
insulation+refinement is just too good? I doubt it. Some cars are meant for
insulated noise: An S class yes, a phantom yes, but not an m5 or any M car
for that matter. BMW is becoming more and more popular, but are moving
towards bigger, heavier, more luxurious cars and which I don’t like
personally. Another subtle example, aerodynamics where the new 5 series is
10% less than the old

benni co says:


benni co says:

Stop dreaming! :-)

benni co says:

Our BMW 520d wasnt expensive and doesnt have plastic on any dashboard or
door panels, our 318d too. So you dont have ever seen a modern interior of
a BMW. The 5 series is still the Mid-size luxury car with the best interior
quality. And one of the fastest (after Audi RS6)

BasilooCa says:

Does the indicator auto-cancel?? lol

Пьяный Ватник! Всех победим! says:

|#1 You apparently know little to nothing about cars and based on the
grammar used in your two paragraphs you aren’t very intelligent
either========================================== You are a dumb fu*ker
because you could not even figure out that maybe english is not my first
language… It’s not even a second one… According to your logic you are
the most idiotic creature on Earth because you cant speek my language AT
ALL. Well, you dont have ANY grammar in it…

silexent says:

@Verliebt everyone does…it’s the best sedan in the world. Does that put
it above a little healthy criticism? BMW listened and built a new M5 with
better driveability and range.

cadrolls says:

If BMWs handled better than the Cadillacs, Ferrari, the world’s leader in
high performance sprts cars would have chosen their suspension. Instead,
they choose Cadillac’s magnetic suspension. The interior? Cadillac uses all
premium leather on the seats, dashboard, and door panels while the BMW uses
cheap plastic. Steering? ALL the testers agreed that Cadillac has the best
steering. Paint? I have seem BMWs after just 10 years. The paint is BAD.
Cadillac has the best paint in the auto business?

The Acanthus/Plinth Type says:

But the cost….

koG10t says:

my opinion is that m5 should be V10 quad turbo! BMW should have built a car
that couldn’t be beaten by anyone…this is a supercar that a few can
afford it so BMW shouldn’t think the consumption…this is a category of

benni co says:

I am mad? Where? It was a question to him, not an insult. So he maybe said
BMW is gay, but not my beer…

SLICK says:

God i love the mseries, but its a shame they removed the V10 in the M5 :(

Amar Yadav says:

is there someone else who thinks m3 looks a lil better?

samimalmstrom says:

Too docile. In my opinion it drives like a 750i compared to the E60 M5. But
I guess thats what the market desired.

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