BMW M5 vs Audi S6

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Road Test of the BMW M5 and Audi S6 driveability and performance [note: Audio/Commentary is in GERMAN / DEUTSCH!]


Todestuete says:

Sinnloser Vergleich M5 = >R

M.T.Ng says:

wenn ich mich net täusch ist der S6 rund 100kg schwerer

dtm0911 says:

where is the topmoddel of the A6 the RS6 580 HP…eats the bitcht M5
hahaha!!! Audi 4evaaa :)

laHONDAfighter says:

der BMW geht schon gut..:)

Giuliano Hort says:

S6 – 435 HP – 1910 KG M5 – 507 HP – 1848 KG no comparison!

dracojah says:

they forgot to activate M mode when recording the sound of the m5 at 0:27,
when you activate M mode it sounds waaay more aggressive, trust me.

MikeKain95 says:

Why not test the m5 with the rs6 you ask? It would be too mean to do
against BMW because it would be too much of a blood orgy. Face it the m5 is
the fastest BMW basically has and the rs6 would shit on it ruining BMW’s
rep. All in all I like both brands but rs6 shits on just about anything.

flo1048 says:


Shakrom says:

Why would you bash on the company you are working for!? Stop spreading such
nonsense dude…you’re making yourself look ridicolous! VAG and Audi are
growing faster than BMW in the States as well as in China. That is a fact!
No surprise there, they are building the better cars after all.

75cyber75 says:

it’s not even a RS6

Artorius FullPower says:

AUDI all the way

shano718718 says:

haha people are dumb, check out the stats of both cars, the rs6 is made
faster m5 will waste it haha :PPP

shano718718 says:

I just bought my mom a new X5 those are sweet too my dad has the X5 and X3
retired haha

DievansTheory says:

Think before you talk. both cars are grewat but the audi looks a bit worse.
Does BMW EVER make AWD? How about a proper ESP system? A Bitrubo 2.7 v8?
No. But then again BMW makes some of the most best technologicalk
advancements. Both cars are great, and both cars are a blessing.

tubeyou443 says:

Then I hope I get to race you with the M5 I wanna get in a few years time.. :)

chetu1818 says:

compare to rs6 with m,nt s6

xumanote glez says:

estan mas limitados de motor jaja

ciocanitoareax says:

S6 Rullz !

radar3699 says:

ive owned both and i prefer the m5. The m5 is more responsive, faster, and
alot more comfortable, and in my opinion it actually looks pretty good.
Just sold the Audi a week ago.

Razvan Sunt says:

@Razor4ever the bmw… of course

msatrakkoic1 says:

THe audi is nice..but no car will EVEER be able to take the M3. ever. Maybe
in certain things, but as an overal car, never. Comon its compaired to the
porchse 911 turbo and nissan gtr with 450 hp a piece. And twin turbo, and
still wins. Audi cant do anything. Sorry

dvmarko74 says:

ok ok listen here BMWs own Audis anyday. My parents own a 750 Li

MrYision says:

@HENZO211 nope

arshad amnotjamesbond says:


janekczuk999 says:

powinno byc porownanie RS6 i M5 wtedy RS6 przewaga totalna;)

Loukisnik says:

@Devsing007 no BMW stands for Big Money Waste

shano718718 says:

hahaha sweet dude i drive a 525 lol im only 16 and i bought it from my
neighbor for like 20 grand so good deal

kolhauer says:

bmw ,..#1 audi… 0

Sanel Kardumovic says:

Audi ist best scheiss Bmw

haziqdaF1fanatic says:

Agree with you mate….

kapadokyaa12 says:

bmw is better you know why because bmw stands for bitches make way

Aries1slayer says:

@MrYision audi beat bmw in sales last year. sorry boss :(

Streetracingpunk72 says:

@mutsicelanders11 Only in the dry.

TimisoaraFighter says:

Bmw best !!!

Aries1slayer says:

i never bashed on audi, i rep them to the fullest you prob misread my
comments, look at them more clearly lol

ftmorti19 says:

how they made the camera position at 3:20 ?

David P says:

bmw doesnt need christmas lights on there cars to attract people. its
called M POWER.

daibadrumu says:

@Refleksje well because the rs6 has a turbo engine, the s6 and m5 are
naturally aspired. the rs6 is also much more expensive than the m5.

Peter Lustig says:

Mal wieder sowas von einem gerechten Vergleich wieso nicht M5 gegen RS6 da
hätte der BMW keine Chance XD

CJ A says:

Audi all the way!I love audis.I own one!

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