BMW M6 2013 First Test Drive and Track Review with Charlie Romero by RoadflyTV

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Vehicle: 2013 BMW M6 Body: 2-door Coupe Engine: 4.4 Liter, twin turbocharged V8 Host: Charlie Romero Location: Mazda Raceway, Laguna Seca, CA, USA…


jdub Dizzle says:

hot ride

Paul Berzunt says:


J.Santos says:


Park32 says:

this car became ugly.

Atmosphereification says:

it can

JusChillin979 says:


Anton Slizzardhands says:

The M6 is the best looking BMW in the lineup.

Stole Janev says:


Boris Boskovic says:

Dear Santa…

luis viilla says:

porque dice eso claro que se puede

Mike Abuhatoum says:

Well it is not for those who count money, maybe!! It is a great car with no

MrNeedsdecaf says:

Bullshitting about cars comes with being a “car guy.” Unless you’re the
type that makess comments about a certain car and doesn’t actually own it..

thlin says:

Base price do not mean selling price. Dealership add a lot of fees.
$106,000 is just the suggested retail price not selling price.

LekytronikzGaming says:

Most boring reviewer ever, watch Carlos on MotorTrend if you want good

jeraldsrestoration says:

Almost as fast as the Mustang GT500 with 662 Hourses. That is power

TooqasWorlD says:

all of them are equally the same m6 most hp but heaviest m3 v6, but
lightest m5 is in between

nba3sk says:

Haha, base price 106 000 $, what a cheap price. HERE IN GERMANY THE BASE

jikonko28 says:


Paulo Irineu de Souza says:

O M G!

yomofoindahouse says:

porsche 4s is better than this, while costs the same.

BrantFortunate says:

I don’t know where you are getting your information, but bmw’s own website
puts the msrp for an m6 coupe starting at 120k. You can also go to any
online car sales site, such as zibe, and see that they are going for like
125k fully optioned.

Amirnake says:

Think about the number one reason we are not driving one of these cars.

Samzeramiha007 says:

The exchange rates differ in nz it’ll be we’ll over 200000

TIM CASE says:

Nice hair cut Micheal Bolton when is your next album coming out? lol

Andrew Salvo says:

this is a bargain compared to front engined sports cars

TheParone says:

Regarding price, I do think the M5 is excellent value for money and
certainly affordable for a large portion lf people. The M6 though
artificially inflates the price and is much less so relative to the M5.

whatever04811 says:

yeah but M6 is too simple for Clarkson. Besides M6 isnt really car
enthusiasts car its the 1%’s car.

Adrian Hes says:

lol 3000 rpm.. shift down man

igwannabanana says:

u just watched the black edition’s video review didnt ya? thats how i got
to this one as well lol!

blaziankhmer says:

ones a super car and ones a GT car. two different type of cars. as much as
i like the GTR, the M6 looks better, more luxurious, with all the reviews
i’ve watch the GTR is one stiff car on the road.

gmdamian says:

03:50 Creepy laugh without smiling….

Venir Lekha says:

BMW m6 is better than the m3 ( that what I think)

Ben031295 says:

always a big fan of the m6 before they ruin it….now its ugly

haarren says:

what a b-e-a-t-y wish i had money to buy them

westy44cal says:

Turn that volume knob up so you can hear the prerecorded engine note
LOL.thank u BMW..NOT.Makes me adore the old V10 models even more. This
heavy beast may have more power but that v10 MY was lighter, just as fast
and sounded way better(real engine sound too)this latest move by BMW must
make AMG executives very happy. put a 65K C63AMG next to this 110K M6 and
hit the go pedal and tell me what sounds better. plus bang for buck I gotta
go with E63. It’s TT has more cubes and 590TQ with AMG option

MegaRami92 says:

i know other information top speed its not 155 mph 155mph is if the car
have limiter top speed is around 320 km/h 200 mph acceleration is not 4.3
sec right acceleration is around 3.70 sec 0-100 0-60

hemidesign says:

Sorry M6, but for this price & performance,… I’ll take the GT-R Black

smartsouler says:

PLEASE go to a speech therapist before you make the next review!!!!!

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