BMW M6 Gran Coupe engine sound and 0-100km/h

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BMW M6 Gran Coupe engine sound and 0-100km/h. Head over to for the full review. 2013 BMW …


cyborgman2 says:

Still play it to this day :D

Wrath0fKhan says:

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tokarev says:

Mas bonito que el anterior esteticamente pero no mejoraron la
electronica,el control de traccion sigue siendo una mierda,estan a años luz
de mercedes

BerlinTomek says:

Aint You scared of a crash ?
You´re driving on the wrong road lane! :D :P

PickeMineMS Youtube says:

Wieder ein geiles Video Simon 

Elley Elizabeth says:

Love u so much…. I feel u as my 22 months old baby boy left me…thank
you for this beautiful video…. God bless you and we also know our
children are angels now…miss my son so much

Fran Sada says:

Pero que bien suena no ?¡?¡? O_O

MaxM says:

Wich Color?

TTabancaTT says:


kasia katja says:

film z dupy. buda zaj….ta 

biogerminfectations says:

wellwellwell dopey what can i say…you have such impeccable taste…love
this too — a lot–and as expected it’s from hallmark…tnx & pls. keep
these coming.

aNNdreY says:

Your steering wheel is on the wrong side :))

Mafer Guillen says:

Do you hate makes cakes? LOL!!! 

Shinano Vang says:

Good promotion video. Love it lol


GTR would kill this 

TheTeldin says:

Does your wife get upset or slightly jealous when you do videos with Kinzie
or Britney?


The car is amazing!! But is not a fighter!!!… Nissan build cars to fight
like the Gtr!!! Now I don’t think this m6 can take I the Gtr Nismo!!! I’ll
get smoke 

Ismail Selman Kimyacioglu says:

What’s the name of the song played in the video? 

LowLowEntertainment says:

Cry baby ass bit…. made me cry when i saw her cry… damnit lol. shes
amazing as fuck bro. sorry to curse so much but… man i hope she goes down
in history .

Tanya Nabutovska says:

Good music + BMW = ecstasy

CuteZombers531 says:


abonini1 says:

whats the second song?

Michal Novak says:


DragonStorm says:


pokechat8978 says:

Well honestly, Nintendo did bring handhelds into this world with the
Gameboys but if it’s going to be backwards compatible with ANY Nintendo
console, I’d rather be playing my N64 that’s shoved in my drawer somewhere
instead of buying a NEW console to play an old console. Either way, it’s
stupid that the buttons can be swapped around, to me that seems pointless
unless you can’t play a game with the default button/stick layouts.

ana julia alcantara says:

Justin You Perfect I love You

Fiza Khan says:

love the flowers and the bright colours

4dshow says:

I gave up on liking the new M cars until the GC came along,Still not sure
why Mercedes can make a turbo V8 sound good yet BMW can’t. 

Keesa M says:

he is a really inspirational player. a testimony to how hard work ALWAYS
pays off. and the harder you work the better you’ll be.

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