BMW M6 Gran Coupe vs Audi RS7 – Auto Express

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MIKEYonPCin1440p says:

BMW M6 Grand Coupe is like Angelina Jolie
Audi RS7 is like Jennifer lawrence
and lets just say Mrs.Jolie is much sexier 

Mohammed Sedeeq says:

BMW is the best.

Gorilla Jones says:

I know its really rainy in the UK but please stop testing cars in the rain,
please. :) The weather man should be able to give you a good forcast and
Audi and BMW should want their cars reviewed in the dry. I understand some
want real world conditions, but I want dry weather performance, I have a
daily beater for bad weather. Great channel and reviews though, so don’t
take it as a knock. Just hate wet weather reviews.

Dick Mcgraw says:

Practicality isn’t a world apart, the M6 has 5 seats; granted that the
central seat is a bit dodgy, whereas the RS7 has 4.

Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for more audi

KoivuTheHab says:

What a total no contest…

TheSCR1899 says:

Both are great cars. Deal with it. In the real world no one cares about a
few differences when cornering or speeding. Only people that could never
afford any of these cars argue about bullshit differences like some do

Jestice Show says:

This reminds me of a toned down aventador

UzzyFuzzyy says:

audi is fucking ugly and the competition pack M6 shits all over the RSHIT7

Leon DaLion says:

The M6 is so beautiful

EDMKID says:

I’ll take both, even tho I own a BMW I really like the RS7, the only car
that I like from Audi 

Mike Regan says:

Why would I EVER take the advice of a Brit when it comes to a German car?
When you say coup-a I know it is time to stop watching.

Tony Bland says:

I know people have differing opinions, but I swear, I just don’t see the
visual appeal of the Audi RS7 at all. It looks quite silly to me in fact;
like a bionic cock roach. 

PatrickChen007 says:

BMW drivers are more unreliable an irresponsible generally. In which
country allows you to drift around the corners legally?

Sugarcube Brah says:

wdf is up with the fucking limiter

Krakle and Pop says:

Obviously the AWD RS7 will beat the M6 (and just about any 2wd car) from a
dig in the wet from the traction advantage, so that drag race was
completely pointless. You would have been better off doing a rolling-start
pull from 35 mph.

Charlie Long says:

Could hear the bias straight from the start of the review.. Needed a
different person to review them

Bruce Grimes says:

See how easily he goes over the yellow line in the BMW, THATS AN EASY

Highly Porsche says:

awesome review

Robin Geen Achternaam says:

Audi rs7 all day every day 

narek kalashian says:

2 of my favorites right there

Barry Caleini says:

Wrong reviewer for the job.

Bash Moun says:

RS7 is alot more sexier, powerful and aggressive than the M6

SoulBrutha66 says:

BMWs are so unappealing to me. They’re very bland in style. Unlike what the
reviewer said, they don’t look exclusive at all. They blend in with traffic
so easily, whereas an Audi demands attention when going down the road. BMWs
are just boring looking. 

snake plissken says:

m6 all day, I only think of Audi when I need to lose a boner fast. 

Hugo Ferreira says:

audi forever!

Jorn nijs says:

So what they are saying is that the Audi is better in any way except that
you can’t drift it?! (Something you can’t do on an public road anyway!!)
Well I like the BMW but I love the Audi.

MrMaxer13 says:

If you choose the Audi RS7 like this.
(Please don’t dislike)

Urbanzounds says:

With both cars i would feel like a king. Can’t understand why fanboys are
crying and say Audi is much more bla bla bla and BMW is the most flöih
If i have to choose one of them i would close my eyes, turn around a few
times and pick out blind. 

KurnaLL Kay says:

Just had to share what I thought to be the shittiest drag race ever!

Dylan Taylor says:

I love all German cars, but in my opinion audi is the best.

WaiWu says:

Agree with everything he said, except the M6 does not have the exclusive
look as much as the Audi. In fact, the M6 look really dated side by side.

Evan McMiller says:

Look at that body control on the M6..gorgeous car too. And from a roll,
the M6 will eat the RS7 alive. That drag race was about useless. M6 every

halim GUEDOUAH says:

I love audi rs7

Gaurav Kapoor says:

RS7 the bomb !!

Nick Barto says:

To bad m6 does o-60 in 3.7 secs with launch control that they did not use
in BMW this is not even competiton pac… this is like comparing cubic
zirconium to a vvs diamond 

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