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The new 4.4-litre, turbocharged, V8 BMW M6 brings new levels of refinement and usability to BMW’s big M coupe. But has it compromised the car’s real driver i…


930205as says:

do you smell it? No, then start cooking lady

Niels Bonke says:

NEW BMW M6 !!!
New BMW M6 review

Fernando Miguel says:

let me see if i have 90k£ around 

7Sharukh says:

I need a guy to review this car. ahhh

Ethan Prydderch says:

It’s not merc fans disliking this video,but misogynist cunts.
Same sort leaving “Kitchen” comments,Some of things I am reading make me
ashamed to be a man.
Fucking knuckle-dragging tossers

Like a boss says:

Its kitchen time for you woman..

Shadows Green says:

What is she doing in the car? My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Londo Mollari says:

I think it looks better than Astons.

Dick Grayson says:

Vicky is getting better in her reviews…She used to be more bland / less
enthusiastic on camera. I guess Autocar has to give her really fast cars to
get her on screen enthusiasm up …

Nicholas Cresswell says:

they have made it a lot better looking!

kubek555 says:

nice but too expensive

Chickenuo says:

wow a mobile kitchen

Tyler Turi-Mullett says:

loved it, always have and always will

pearlygti says:

she is one hell of a long way from the kitchen…..

DBRS007 says:

Some say, he gets utterly upset when he watches this king of female
review… All we know is, he’s called the stig

Anatoly Gusev says:

not new bmw m6, but a new kitchen !!!

ayaxro says:

Where is STEVEE!!!?!?!!?!

pantagruel says:

You have some problems, dude.

Grov22 says:

Obvious troll is obvious

Charles Lies says:

What the… She doesn’t sound excited at all, give me that car and i’ll
show you excitement. Seriously where do they find those testers… It would
be so easy to make a good review about this car, this is just sad.

cd1250 says:


DrJ2042 says:

They still have speakers that make engine noise ?

Gabe Turcotte says:


DimitrisNt says:

Bad review. She is not for this job!

Emerych135 says:

I realy like Thys Reviewer !!

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