BMW M6 Test Drive

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Chatsworth1979 says:

#BMW Want 10 cylinders? You got 10 cylinders. Yow!

arms manga says:

lol. it’s funny how many times he presses the M button

demoskunk says:

ugly car. bye bye bangle!

dckstrat90 says:

you can get this for ~35k usd now

ooOMikevOoo says:

did he said v10 engine? O_o damn sw33t!!! =)

jblacc says:

Id prolly sell my soul to the devil for this car….. not probably,

jc790 says:

I love how technological driver controls are getting, this is like a F1 car
for the street with all the buttons!

Jukonja says:

lol, what’s up with pressing the M button every half a minute :-) M6 = my
dream car.

eliaspak says:

@aturbulence i would buy this one :D /watch?v=T2cdliYmmKs

bshan94 says:

@moomoodeadcow u can get a convertible version

Michaell Michael says:


t8trg8tr says:

@dhensel3 They broke off from top gear and formed a separate, more
informative (but less hilarious) show probably almost a decade ago. That
being said they’re NOT “Top Gear Wanna Be’s”. The guy in this video was on
the top gear show before Jeremy Clarkson.

Edward5551 says:

wish the convertable had a hard top

qutabo says:

-anyone who think he had Clarksons test of the M5 as a manuscript….

dick kosisaka says:

Ugly i will take the M3

jon martini says:


vizzyspeed says:

NOT REALLY!!!! My Jeep gets worse w/ my superchip and intake kit, haha!

kidgoku666 says:

Not true. I picked one up for £20k. In black (the only colour to have it in
IMO). Low miles. Full BMW service history. Got it fully inspected by a BMW
specialist and there’s no faults whatsoever. Only problem is for that
money, you’re looking at a 2006 model, so even if it’s low mileage, there’s
no escaping the fact that it’s a good 7 years old now.

TheSmellyBanana says:

shut your shit you dont know shit yhis car is worth more than your house
and then some shut your hole and buy corvettee and drive off acliff in to a
bloody fiery death of misery

Pereira Antonio says:

My favorite car, if i won the lottery i would buy one.

aussieeagle2512 says:

Mate, if you could afford this why would you care about the mpg or economy?
I guess if more for its environmental effect then driven appropriately for
the conditions and purpose then it cant be much worse than most other
modern engines. Perhaps a M3 would be a better option for you.
Significantly smaller engine and better fuel economy.

balla5494 says:

So what does that 20,000 come with…for starters, two less doors. also, a
whole .1 sec faster…lmao

jetaimemina says:

I have an M button in my Clio! It does nothing.

carguy211 says:

dude your going to brake the botton pressing it all the time

arabihillbilly says:

@dks11000 but would the m3 keep up?

gene53945 says:

haha you are right butm mate as a matter of fact the m6 is not as expensive
as it looks, considering it is a 5.0 liter v-10, let us make some little
calculations in the next comment.

Tyson Parkes says:

man……. Shut the fuck up and stop complaining

MasterChief says:

hit the M button 7 times

Guillame Falardeau says:

If only the M6 was entirely different than the M5. From functionalities to
overall performance. Hell, it should be the SLS AMG’s rival.

Spid3rFr3ak says:

M3, M5, M6 they’re all fine works of art that only BMW have.

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