BMW M6 Tested on Stelvio Pass – One Take

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While filming at the Stelvio Pass with the BMW M6 for the upcoming Super Speeders 7 DVD Release (In stores 12/1/13), Matt and Tom shoot off for a quick revie…


Alexandru Erbaru says:

Tbh I would say that the Transfagarasan is the best road to drive cars
(northern side of the road) , and I say that because there are actual lanes
(you don’t have to squeeze trough incoming traffic) the location is superb
and breathtaking, and I say that because I’ve been there and I enjoyed it
every time (and not only once) and not because I am a Romanian but because
it is the best road ever made. Also the old blokes at top gear were full of
shit when they filmed it, keep in mind I am a fan of top gear so I’m not
hating on them for that :) 

Matthew C says:

Yes you may hgo to jail. What can also happen here is you can have your car
taken away. Excessive speeding = loss of car. Also speeding fines are based
on your salary.

RazorFX says:

Where can I buy the mentioned DVD? Im from Europe btw…

Engel888 says:

You summed it up.. Cycle there every year 5 or 6 times.. so much traffic..
The bikes go quicker. If you have a fast car do it and the other peaks at
night with main beams and fogs but you will crash..Nice views… You will
also get arrested in Swiss for thrashing a car and will goto Jail as I
know.. the Autobahn is fun.. If you want to have fun do it at night but
50/50 you will die.

xjlonelystar says:

Wtf, u go to jail??!

radar3699 says:

It is annoying how scripted Top Gear is sometimes, especially in the new
episodes. In my opinion their best episodes are when they do things with as
little scripting as possible. 

TeK RaVeN says:

I like the M6 GC. But I think BMW has lost their reputation when it comes
to “Ultimate Driving Machine sound” with all those turbos it sound very
disappointing. I would rather purchase a preowned BMW M6 V10 that sounds a
lot better but look more classier/elegant.

mach2cumshot says:

4:15 no you dont. Get out of the car and lock the doors and it all shuts

Christoffer Allenby says:

The electronics goes off once you lock the car…

winsto221 says:

I have a 2012 650I and it has the worst steering radius of of any car I
have ever had. Turn in radius is horrible and just try to pull into lane
parking before you buy it!

Brian Menda says:

+TheSmokingTire I knoew this is a tad old, but a couple of quick
corrections. M5s and M6s all have hydraulic steering, while their non-M
counterparts have electric steering. Also, when turning off the car,
hitting the “Start Stop” button once turns the engine off, but the
remaining electronics will not stay on until the battery dies. They stay
on for 10 minutes or until you lock the car. So you don’t have to hit it
twice, just once, then get out and lock the car. Done.

quintics says:

the M6 has hydraulic steering?

winsto221 says:

Anywho..this or panamera Turbo is the question from me Matt.

Cezar Toma says:

dude! when you close the car the electronics close…this is because it`s a
keyless go

Jonny YouTube says:

I drove it at 2am in an MX5 and it was absolutely empty and it was epic!
But there were definitely better roads in Italy and Switzerland.

Carlo Muro says:

“…Switzerland…bla bla bla…” you’re in Italy you big dumby 

Lawrence Alexander says:

As a big guy Matt what would rather own this M6 or the 911 cs you just
reviewed on Drive?

Harrison Greenslade says:

Why are cars in the us so cheep 

Blanka24 says:

LOL :))) Top Gear came to Romania to drive on Transfagarasan not Stelvio
Pass wich is in Italy…I propose to you Matt to do a test drive on
Transalpina Pass which is also in Romania, and then tell us which is the
most amazing road in Europe (not in the world, because I’m preaty sure that
are a lot of unique and breath thaking roads on other continents).

BossDVA says:

Top Gear was in Romania on Transfagarasean with an helicoper, not at
Stelvio Pass ;)

Damian Sale says:

Is that a Rolex on your wrist?

Stephen Meyer says:

Very fu**ing cool Matt. Im jealous ><

Randy Blake says:

Would have been nice to see some full body shots other than the one in the

Moby Dick says:

I wonder how much better Matt could drive this car if he was 100lbs
lighter. Imagine.

TheSmokingTire says:

Matt runs the BMW M6 on the Stelvio Pass in the rain!

Jesse Chen says:

the start button doesnt turn off the car fully but i think once you exit
and lock the car everything goes off, atleast for my 2008 it is

Scott Campbell says:

oh.. quick question, what year is this m6? I’m in the market to buy a car

Guillaume Laplanche says:

What what what , Matt is not kissing top gear bottoms?

mchaggis1994 says:

I am not a fan of buttons for ignition or parking brakes. So disappointing!

Tony Bennett says:


MisterAmuse says:

All M cars have hydrolic steering. 

Rodolfo Aman says:


Alex Rosenkvist says:

Nice road and nice car! :)

Craig Cundiff says:

Tom Morningstar…”I piss on you Stelvio”…

Bill Gwaltney says:
correzzana1992 says:

MAtt Stelvio pass it’s in ITALY godddam!! Greetings from Italy, awesome

flowerhorn17319 says:

Theres a route in Puerto Rico (rt.149) from ciales to villalba . that is
just like this roads. It’s an amazing drive. Matt should make a video

abramburel11 says:

Stelvio is now off the bucket list… think I might do transfagarasan again

DaLeadBull says:

Why would you take a massive land yacht on that road?

Cory Carpenter says:

Can you stay on point? Oh there’s a bus, oh a bump, there’s a lot of vans
coming, ADD much? Gets annoying in videos more than 2 minutes long. So
basically all of them. Great videos other than that though.

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