BMW S1000RR Review

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I review my BMW S1000RR!


RidingWithTom says:
Sarin Murlidar says:

Oh my god. These roads are absolutely amazing


What year is that?
Thanks :)

Alex K says:

problem with that bike is cost, nobody gonna buy it as a learner bike or
smth just becouse of the costs atleast I dont know anyone who can afford
it. Main bikes stats for 90% of ppl is its cost

Prince Jabbo says:

How old do u have to be to get a permit for a motorcycle?!

RemeckiPL says:

Greetings from Polish, a great motorcycle.

Operator Kills says:

Hey Tom! Been a fan of your for ages across a few accounts, fun fact, i
learned on a 2010 RR and it actually was a great bike to learn on, wasn’t
my bike but i spent a lot of hours on it, hopefully picking mine up
sometime soon this year!

SAAMIAM99 says:

Where is this?


Yamaha r1 vs s1000rr?
Thanks :)

James Fitzpatrick says:

I don’t understand why people hate on him for riding an expensive bike.
It’s what he wanted and he can afford it so he got it. Good for him. I
think it’s a fucking bad ass bike. And the base model s1000rr isn’t even
THAT much more the a brand new jap bike.

Ferreira94a says:

G’day Tom! Can you please tell us where this amazing drive is? Sydney yeah?
Thanks mate

Bestnorton_6661 says:

I wanna ride on this roads. It’s awesome <3

AridersLife says:

I Approve.

bokuwaVegetadesu says:

your bike soo cool, the sound is great

The Oc says:

Is this the hp4

John A says:

Lol the Ninja 300 2014 is 13.000$ in Norway ^^

This bike is close to 50k

Austin O'Neal says:

get the BMW s1000RRR

Gerald Williams says:

“No, no no, Zeh Germans, no!” 8:30 to funny lol.

sir charles says:

Didn’t know it had cruise control? 16:00

Cameron Hunt says:

you were wrong about one thing… this was a great review


I am a fan of ride with Tom, but man it really shits me the way he waves
his hands around in the air, other driver’s think they are being abused,
really really bad issues with this, think I will unsubscribe if it
continues, most of my friends have because he cant stop waving his hands at
poor drivers.


so many people are going to bed now lol best line ever

Alex Fallaize says:

I love this bike as well, I would recommend it to anyone with a few years
of experience, that is mature enough to ride a leader bike. Personally I
got this as my fourth bike, I started on a 50cc then 125, then 600 and
finally this bike and I’m sure it will be my last because it is perfect for

Jared Foster says:

I’m always feel like someone’s gonna come around the corner and smash you
because we drive on the right side o.o

MusiicLyricsHD says:

German quality! :)

phrenzy1 says:

Was that an NSX at 7:09?

Jeff Bankston says:

In the USA if You are 16 years old you can buy one as your first bike 

rico reci says:

Y do U put Ur foot on the peg before jumping on U dont look short

SuperGtafan123 says:

Hows driving without your hands on the steer with any bike? I would think
its dangerous and very tricky, but i don’t know alot about bikes :D

robinkhaira1 says:

soooo jealous…. 

2011FordMustangGTCS says:

Don’t worry, most people don’t have 20 grand to spend on a bike. You
haven’t gotten any one killed… yet…

johannes zentio says:

Aaaaaand it’s gone… xD

Desmond Pillot says:

what kind of skyline ? :(

Semboury Phan says:

Hey tom. Maybe you can help me out with my decision on what liter bike to
get. I’m debating between the 2014 R1 or a 2012 bmw s1000RR. Any help would
be great Tom, thanks. 

MegaTechpc says:

Your vids have gotten really great Tom, immensely entertaining!
Technologically your new S1000RR is indeed one amazing machine! I just
wish it wasn’t so terribly ugly! Sorry, just my opinion but what was BMW
thinking with the asymmetrical design? If they would let Ducati design the
body work this thing would be the greatest machine ever made!

WJayme123 says:

So beautiful. 

TheJuggaloVenom says:

+RidingWithTom did i hear correctly!? You have a GTR!???? What the hell man
post some vids of that beast as well lol 

TheDrummist88 says:

anyone know what gloves these are?

tanner hammond says:

Jap bike rock solid. bmw polished rock solid.

F8H says:

I always pass a string or something through cameras in case they do fall. A
little paranoic! :D

Robert Hagman says:

Please make a video about your cars !!! Pleas !!!

Clutchup210 says:

I am really jealous of that road.

burgess1280 says:

In slick mode when you hit the back brake will the abs automatically hit
the front? My friend just dropped his skrr at slow speed when the front
came down it wiggled so hard it through him from the bike he said he
remembers hitting the back brake to bring the front down. Ps he’s ok and
the bikes not to bid either.

DutchFreezeR says:

Tom, i love you <3 #nohomo What year is the S1000RR?

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