BMW X1 quick take from Consumer Reports

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The least-expensive BMW, the X1 is a compact five-seat SUV that slots below the X3. Based on the previous-generation 3 Series, the X1 is quite sporty to driv…


Ludvik Herrera says:

This car (SAV in BMW’s materials) is what I would call a true cross over
What it is not:
– A Sedan
– A SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle
– A Station Wagon
What it is:
It is an ‘sport’ ‘activity’ ‘vehicle’! It truly defines these three
categories. Compared with a 3 series, it gives you a little more interior
room and height. Yet, it handles as sporty as the 328 sedan. It’s X-drive
allows you to drive over more terrain than any 4 cylinder sedan and compact
SUT/SUV like Fusion, Dart, Jetta, Passat, Audi A4, RAV-4, CR-V and even VW
Tiguan. It is not a contender to Jeep’s 4×4 system, however it will stack
very nicely against Jeep new Cherokee, Compass with their 4×2 system.
It is a contender vs the Audi Q5, however, a little less tall and powerful,
but also less expensive.
This is a BMW car, which means, people who based their car purchasing
decision to the joy of driving. If you’re in the market for a Mercedes Benz
CLA, an Audi A3 or A4, a BMW 1 or 3 Series, a VW Tiguan or Passat. And you
know what is like to step on the pedal and feel the road that you leave
behind, this is a vehicle for you.
Finally, If you’re of height 5’10 or less, average built (not more than 25%
overweight) and love driving a car that truly makes a statement of design,
style and fun, this is the car for you.

I understand this post as a direct comparison of features, however not
understanding the intent or why the cost reflects the brand. If you
purchase catsup/ketchup, you’ll find many options on the aisle, all of the
ingredients would be almost the same, tomato, high fructose syrup, water
and condiments. So why do people prefer Hunts over store brand, or Heinz
over Hunts, or any other store brand over just eating tomatoes with sugar,
if it is all the same? That’s what this comparison really looked like.
Please understand that if you really only wanted a car to take you from
place to place, you’d only get the bare minimum essential, an engine four
wheels and that’s it.
A comparison should not include simply a list of features but an
understanding of what those are and how they compare. By putting an older
woman at the wheel you’re attaching a bias and subjectivity to the market.
Why not put that same old lady on all your car reviews?
Cars are not accessories, and just like that, cars can deliver excitement
and the joy of driving.

Scott Maurizi says:

Cnet didn’t like this car either. It’s a piece of shit, that what happens
when you build “luxury cars” for $350 a month, they become cheaper. Audi Q3
is way better built

vicson kho says:

this car is not for everyone, period. That’s how most X1 owners would like
it to be.

buildmorefarms100 says:

No backup camera?? Even boring cheap Civics come standard with cameras now!

Kirbynessness says:

Nobody gives a fuck about Canada.

divadriver says:

overpriced, you guys should do a comparison with it and the mazda cx 5. I
think the mazda would win in every category.

Teeebs says:

BMW’s are painfully overpriced cars for show-offs. The Japanese or even the
Koreans offer a much better car for a lot less….

ormand3000 says:

Nobody gives a shit what you think.

SwPiotrek says:

Nothing special.

fsimpro says:

This car is most similar to the Infiniti EX. Fun, but not practical.

JustaEropeanGuy says:

Oh look, it’s a lump of shit, by BMW. Seriously, this is probably their
worst vehicle.

knack0125 says:

Ugly odd proportioned thing, i’d rather go with a Buick Encore or an Audi

tonydano says:

It’s a spectacular lack of common sense to have a person that clearly views
vehicles as appliances, to review cars. Cars are more than transportation.
We established that in the 50s. It doesn’t say “two point eight” It says 28
Big difference. Also it’s not “diesel clatter” It’d have to be a diesel to
have diesel clatter. It’s clatter.

RetiredArmy RANGER says:

In all the reviews I have read and seen, none state anything about what I
call “transition” in getting in and out of vehicles. For me, this is an
issue, personal preference, the X1 one is at a near perfect height for me
in that respect. Ordered and waiting for it’s arrival. 2014 :) Excited to
say the least.

James Mathai says:

I don’t think he was referring to the gear shifter, but manual transmission
sometimes called a stick shift or stick for short.

Trevakun says:

only the X-line have number s on the side, the 325 would have a rear

Siddharth Grover says:

Stop saying the exact same thing about each BMW you test… iDRIVE sucks..
its harder to use… maybe so for baby boomers! but most of us part of Gen
X and Gen Y like these systems and iDrive has improved a lot over the past
5 years or so. I would even argue its the best infotainment system in the
market compared to that of Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Hermann TheGerman says:

it doesnt say 2.8 on the side, that’s the model type. its a x28I. like the
BMW 325i, on the side it would say 25i.

venom5809 says:

Honda Civics come standard with backup cameras, every car should have them
standard by now.

Mazdaspeed L says:

those number used to represent engine displacement untill recent models BMW
decided to be dishonest just to make the cars sounds premium @josip broz

Mark G says:

no iDrive is nowhere near being the best out there, it is still among the
worst even with the improvements……..iDrive really does suck

himakgam says:

Don’t touch Audi!! haha

tungol00 says:

I think no one gives a horse poop about you either. Lol

Art S says:

Typical BMW will be a good unit to lease.

himakgam says:

I bet you never owned BMW. One who did will see the difference. You are
trying to make a comment about something you never experienced.

molythro. says:

interior looks cheapy…..

fatboy19831 says:

The base $30,000 X1 is the only small RWD 4 door you can buy in America.
The only one. It is more of a small wagon than a SUV. The X1 is completely
unique in the american market. You can buy the Base turbo 4 for less than
an Accord V6. Just like most other BMW’s it is fun to drive. Something that
is becoming more and more rare in the 30k range.

mlps93 says:

Is it the first time driving a BMW for this reviewer? Pretty much all BMW’S
have the “joystick” gear shifter. btw, the X1 is very popular in Canada.

divisioneight says:

Wait – “diesel clatter at idle”? And “premium” fuel? Is this a diesel or a

James Bray says:

Consumer Reports doesn’t like a BMW?! I’m shocked! (I’m really not. You
spout the same nonsense about every one of them.)

Kadir Yağcı says:
Dan N Moldovan says:

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