BMW X1 Review : PowerDrift

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Shubham Agarwal says:

hey hi host……………. whats your name buddy…… atleast flash the
name of the host PD.

Sreehari Raghav says:

Excellent review, very high quality video. Keep up the good work. 

Kishan Addagarla says:

hi mate, BMW 120d review and onroad price in india pleasr do that for me!


Hi Guyz.. Ur videos have alwayz enlightened abt any car u review. Jz a
small request if it does not cost u a lot, plz do a review of Bolero ZLX
and its features.. Thnx again….

vishal jayakodi says:

Devastatingly good review !! : ) & that brown Q3 looks fantastic !

Adrian Perez says:

Awesome Review Guys… you guys are the BEST and i mean it :) keep it up.
Eagerly waiting reviews for the Kawasaki Z800, Z1000 and Truimph.

harish Aukarapu says:

I also went to the audi hyderabad …… Now even q3 prices are increased
the top end is now selling for 42.5 lakhs….

harish Aukarapu says:

Recently I bought the xline variant of bmw x1 ….. Prices of this car had
significantly increased….now the onroad price for the base model is 36
lakes and the top ends that are xline and sports line are selling for 41.5

powerdriftofficial says:

We couldn’t attend it!

powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks Araving! Hope you have subscribed to our channel!

Aravind S says:

of course i have. i really like your honest reviews. need to do more
comparison tests..

Aniruddha Pisharody says:

nice review i am glad that our feedbacks help you guys to go beter & beter
nice work :)

Akki4p says:

Excellent review. Sent the correct message across without bashing the
product. You guys awe awesome! Conveyed the highs and the lows so so well.

powerdriftofficial says:

Gee! He will be around for a while ;)

Tony Stark says:

Y don’t you guys review the aventador ;) tht would be great

TheBrainlesscreature says:

You guys gonna be at the AutoExpo in BKC, Mumbai?

Kaushik Biswas says:


punit butterflyfields says:

nice one powerdrift, @tenhut over a quintal not ton.

Abhijith C R says:

You talk about magnanimous street presence? Once I saw Sreeshant in his BMW
X6 @Kochi – oh boy ! Try to get hold of an x6 and do a review :)

Rajiv Mohapatra says:

The best review of X1 that I have ever seen

TheBrainlesscreature says:

@Powerdriftofficial #1:- KTM Duke 390 vs Ninja 300 #2 1 series review #3 1
series vs A/B class! < — Waiting for these!! :D

powerdriftofficial says:

Thank you! :)

Abhishek Puthige says:

Kudos to powerdrift !!!! Love your reviews ;)

powerdriftofficial says:

Err, one of it, or atleast a little more than half of it is coming ;)

powerdriftofficial says:

We will try to soon!

powerdriftofficial says:

Sigh! We will try to!

unni2305489 says:


ijustcoolin says:

Why you guys dont share about ground clearance … Its india boss

Shrey Sethi says:

Please review the Toyota fortuner

Mehul Jain says:

You guys deserve more subscribers.

powerdriftofficial says:

And help us gain more! Like, Rate, Share. Repeat!

Vishal Zadoo says:

Y dont u guys review the p220f…i know its an realy old bike…bt with ur
wrds..musc n vdeography…that review wud b mind blowng (as always).

hari cp says:

good review !! after watching your review, i felt bmw is not made a proper
crossover vehicle

Rajesh mahajan says:

Ten Hut.. Welcome BACK :)

powerdriftofficial says:

Thank you! We love your comments ;)

Vinodh Nagarajaiah says:

“Magnanimous Street Presence”, Are you serious…??? I mean I always
thought you guys made the best review videos possible in our country but
then this choice of words makes me think otherwise…Cars far cheaper than
the X1 have twice the street presence…

Aravind S says:

Excellent review.. good work.. keep it up!!

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