BMW X1 SUV review – What Car?

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Read the What Car? BMW X1 review The X1 has sharp handling, low CO2 emissions and comes with plenty of standard kit. It’s keenly priced …


Boba Fett says:

they shoulda made it a 2 door

ieden5432 says:

learn how to type first.

hussein kalf says:

رائع جدا

crazygamerr1 says:

we got the h5 more features than the bmw we were gonna get

crazygamerr1 says:

i got a question my dad wants to buy a bmw x1 but now there is a gwm h5 in
sa he x1 is more than the gwm h5 so which one please help urgent

domeee11 says:

which did your dad get in the end?

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